In the beginning I sink


yet as fast as sound and the mind.

Deep down into an abyss,


Buried with time.

A feeling…

Thoughts form before my wandering eyes.

Yet they are closed. They know…


Moments elude …

They grace what knowledge knows.

As if pieces are missing from my soul



in plain sight


Panicking I feel holes in my heart.

Throbbing and alive.

My soul.

I know.

I must go to fill these holes.

Dull the subtle pain

Yet this moment finds me insane


All I ever needed

I misplaced along the way

As I backtrack

I miss the path

Further and further I go

I can not find my heart

I can not find my soul

I scream

My screams are muted

Muted by a place that is beyond sound

Movement in the distance I see

I run

My legs moving as fast as permitted

So fast

In this place there are no rules

I can fly


In the distance I see over the hills

Pieces of my soul are there

The holes from my heart

But the darkness produces shadows

I want to see clear figures in the opaque sky

I want to dance with the shadows of the moon

I want to put in words what I see

Simultaneous and Impossible

I need to complete my soul

I need to finish this dream


Every moment of this place collapses

My dream retracts

Back and forward

It is understood


just not here

In a world where there are no boundaries

In a moment that spans a lifetime

I understand

My dream culminates with a realization

Not taken

Simply Free

In this place with no boundaries


Just in time for the journey back to my slumbering body

My soul weary

Yet happy

Solace found for my mind

With my souls completion

My heart and soul alight

With Love

With Knowledge

But was it real?

As I dreamed it?

Or perhaps I was the dream

Of chaos

In this place with no boundaries

it reaches me


sometimes I wonder what it is I really am thinking.

sometimes I wonder what it is I really am feeling.

sometimes it just makes no sense. it makes me tired.



4 responses to “Boundaries

  1. This brings to mind that saying you hear about not looking back at the closed doors behind you or you will miss the open ones in front of you or something like that….but you have to ask yourself….when you feel lost or like you have forgotten something along the way that you need to go back….find it….answer the questions before you move on….

    In going back….do you just feel more lost than before….maybe even if the steps are small….we are to keep moving forward….maybe new things will inspire and invigorate our tired lost thoughts….bring meaning and clarity….

    or maybe we can find a little bench along the way and just sit a bit…to catch our breath….we can sit together and keep it warm for any others feeling the same….

    such a thoughtful write today enreal….you always stir my senses…..

  2. …All I ever needed

 I misplaced along the way…

    As often happens, your words speak to me; a language my inside hears. Thank you enreal, I always feel a bit less of a stranger, a stranger wherever, after visiting.


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