Fires of infinity

If only to dance with the fires of infinity

If only to feel the static of electricity

If only to shine in colors vivid

To touch the fire that is frozen

Time within hours

Waves which are broken


If only to move with the freedom of the universe

If only to travel along their dark shimmering paths

If only to fly with their solitary satellites

then to rest with the silence of the stars

Watch the world shine

The world is welcoming and is ours


If only to reach for it

claim it

breathe it

live it

If only the fire was ours

the infinite flames

our invisible scars


See Me

The truth is clear

The knowledge is here

Buried within your Soul

Shunned by your Mind


Could it be this simple

The answer to it all

Could it be the reason

The meaning of your Fall


Where are those wings

The ones which gave you flight

The ones which protected you

The ones which shone so bright


Where is the fire

The one which burned so pure

The flames of innocence

The intensity of life


I stand before you

You bow before me

I reach for you

You fall at my feet


I take your hand

I lift your face

I try to calm you

I try to take your disgrace


Your eyes are veiled

As you look within yourself

Your eyes show nothing

Only believing the truth which has failed


Do you see  the truth?

The wisdom which is here.

Open your heart and mind

Remove the illusions from which you hide


Be it the truth that captures

Be it the lie that sets you free

Be it that I

I am the you

The you that you see


You captivate me with your voice

Full of silence

Within a chaotic sound

You captivate me with your eyes

Full of knowledge

Beneath a wise disguise

You captivate me with your touch

A veiled hand

Above a shimmering mirage

You captivate me

As a flame dances within the palm of your hand

As a river flows within the depths of your soul

As a whisper sings on the wings of the wind

As the thought travels amongst the spirits flight

As the prayers ascend to the angels at night

You captivate me

I shall thank you for eternity

Time and Miracles

“The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once.”
~Albert Einstein

The first sunrise
The last sunset
The first love
The last break
The first time you were awed
the last time you were disappointed
The first time you cried
The last time you laughed
The first life you missed
the last life you gave
Can you imagine all this at once?

“There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.”
~Albert Einstein


Does it give you hope to know your dreams are real, your hopes alive. Your imagination is actually speaking to you in images that exist slightly beyond your grasp.

Does it make you wish bigger, see clearer? Or does it break your heart to know that somewhere, anywhere other than here… at this exact moment you are happy.

Alive in your dreams, in your hopes… your imagination is reality… somewhere, other than here


I know you are there

The silence is blinding

Burning with hope

Blue with love

I know you can hear

The echo rings violence

I watched you in silence

I heard you breathe

I know you can see

The reflective embers

Tears form hard as crystals

Descending slow from shadowed eyes

I know you can feel

Slowly ascending up the spine

The tired and broken

Sheltered in your cells divide

I know all this

I know all there is

I know you are there

In the shadow of the mind



For eternity is in time

Those Places

My mind goes back

Memory pays respect to those places

My awareness retracts

Familiarity carries on to those places

My soul speaks in tongues

It opens gateways of shadow and light to those places




Before them in those places

They speak so clear

I  can hear

I can feel

I can understand them and their foreign tongues

In their foreign land

The land for which I long

The land from which I belong



My words do not come forward for I can not speak

My voice is silent

Yet they hear me

They see me

They smile with me

In those places


My heart

My soul



I understand

I am content

In those places



Slowly I turn and see

The oceans

The suns

The moons

The rings of light and color

All in the sky

Or is it below

The ground of magic and shadows of light

the dust is alive with memories and dreams

The blades of grass which dance and laugh

the waters which run spring and jump with happiness and life

Or are they



Awareness distracts once more

I have seen and forgotten the foreign shore

The break within the mind

The moments lost in the ocean of time



I say farewell

Those places

Shall sleep

For now

But not for long



for what was known in a dream

again I shall see

for within the slightest memory

we are revealed to what is and what shall always be