Does it give you hope to know your dreams are real, your hopes alive. Your imagination is actually speaking to you in images that exist slightly beyond your grasp.

Does it make you wish bigger, see clearer? Or does it break your heart to know that somewhere, anywhere other than here… at this exact moment you are happy.

Alive in your dreams, in your hopes… your imagination is reality… somewhere, other than here

21 responses to “Somewhere

  1. I had to think very hard about this one (I have read several times).

    I still can’t give a straight answer – or pretend that hope is something that I feel all the time or that it is there for me when I need it the most even though it is something that I could never live without…

    I live in dreams and hope follows me into the world when I leave them for what is real.

    That was as close as I could come to having an answer of my own.

    I will question it all again soon.

    Be well,

  2. The wrong kind of “hope” can refer to something other than here and now and suggest that things are not yet how they should be.

    “Faith” works better for me, faith that things are perfect. I simply don’t always see perfection because I am not paying attention well enough.

    • ‘Faith’…

      That was the word I was looking for – thank you for reminding me of it Mossy.

      ‘Faith’ seems like something lasting and sustainable whereas ‘hope’ to me was more like a short term fix – staying in the pretty dreams and wishing there would always be a way back to them when life decided to get ugly.

      So – ‘imagination’ to me wouldn’t be tied to ‘hope’ but rather to ‘faith’ and then to the knowledge that what ever I was able to imagine I would also be able to make reality…?

      (One day/’some’ day)



      • M.L. Your thoughts are brilliant, looks like you found answers… Mossy is great at making me see what I often overlook… finding meanings within even the words which I write… makes me smile reading your conversation. Thank you again. See you soon!

  3. Something going on with the message in my dreams..
    and then I find your words prodding…
    Laughing right out loud!

  4. It makes me feel humble.
    Because in the end, to think that MY dreams and MY hopes have any reality beyond my own head and heart makes me feel so loved and cherished that I simply do not deserve it.

  5. Very elusive, and I thought I was good at writing paradoxes. I think hope is a double-edged sword, you can’t live with it, you can’t live without it. But most certainly, hope is a state of mind, and not necessarily a state of being.

  6. I have been reaching for, and touching that somewhere recently. I have no sadness; just excitement and joy at the knowledge, not even the prospect, that it will all be made real for me, BY me!!!

  7. I enjoyed this immensely, it is simple. We are what we think, what we dream, what we imagine…It is possibilites, happiness being one of those possibilities. If we look back or peer forward, it is always somewhere else. If we stayed in the moment, it is right here, right now.

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