See Me

The truth is clear

The knowledge is here

Buried within your Soul

Shunned by your Mind


Could it be this simple

The answer to it all

Could it be the reason

The meaning of your Fall


Where are those wings

The ones which gave you flight

The ones which protected you

The ones which shone so bright


Where is the fire

The one which burned so pure

The flames of innocence

The intensity of life


I stand before you

You bow before me

I reach for you

You fall at my feet


I take your hand

I lift your face

I try to calm you

I try to take your disgrace


Your eyes are veiled

As you look within yourself

Your eyes show nothing

Only believing the truth which has failed


Do you see  the truth?

The wisdom which is here.

Open your heart and mind

Remove the illusions from which you hide


Be it the truth that captures

Be it the lie that sets you free

Be it that I

I am the you

The you that you see

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