Those Places

My mind goes back

Memory pays respect to those places

My awareness retracts

Familiarity carries on to those places

My soul speaks in tongues

It opens gateways of shadow and light to those places




Before them in those places

They speak so clear

I  can hear

I can feel

I can understand them and their foreign tongues

In their foreign land

The land for which I long

The land from which I belong



My words do not come forward for I can not speak

My voice is silent

Yet they hear me

They see me

They smile with me

In those places


My heart

My soul



I understand

I am content

In those places



Slowly I turn and see

The oceans

The suns

The moons

The rings of light and color

All in the sky

Or is it below

The ground of magic and shadows of light

the dust is alive with memories and dreams

The blades of grass which dance and laugh

the waters which run spring and jump with happiness and life

Or are they



Awareness distracts once more

I have seen and forgotten the foreign shore

The break within the mind

The moments lost in the ocean of time



I say farewell

Those places

Shall sleep

For now

But not for long



for what was known in a dream

again I shall see

for within the slightest memory

we are revealed to what is and what shall always be