For Now

The days begin to fold into one. Months, weeks, days, hours… or perhaps simply minutes. I can’t tell anymore. Staring at the second hand wondering, why I can’t cry. Why I can’t feel. Why I can’t see…

Then I turn away. I walk away, once more… tired… this too shall pass…

Sighing a heavy breath, one which never really alleviates anything, a breath which is part of my soul, never parting, never detaching from my chest, from my heart… it is a heavy breath…

Then I try once more to breathe, to feel, to see, to cry… I still can’t… for now.

This too shall pass

14 responses to “For Now

  1. Hello Enreal,

    I hope that you feel better soon.

    Sometimes we just need to find a distraction to change the subject of thought, but then life for many is only a series of distractions. Perhaps there can be a healthy balance.


    • je suis là avec vous… I hope I got that right, my french is a bit rusty 😉

      Faster is better… but remember, it can pass us by too

      Thank you MySoul

  2. Enreal, I see myself in your words so often. This is no exception. I cling to the hope that you are right “this too shall pass”….

    • BrylieJane… it always does pass, sometimes we get over it and other times we are left behind… but it certainly passes… thank you for sharing your voice here

  3. The fact that you sense even the absence of feeling, of being unable to cry is a feeling in itself. Not to feel the elation of life and to wallow, instead, every now and then in the other aspect of life, which is sadness, is necessary to our being as well. After all, how are we to recognize happiness when we do not know sadness?

    You are on the right path, enreal because you recognize, acknowledge, and feel what must be felt rather then tuck it away and deny each emotion it’s due. And as you said, this will pass, as everything must eventually, but you shall be all the better for having felt it. All the more wiser.

    Good luck.

    • your words were felt as a weight being blown gently off my mind. there is little i can say without sounding down… i simply am sad, for now… it is funny how time can make you lost… thank you for your beautiful thoughts, they were what I needed to hear

  4. I have said that phrase many a time…this too shall pass….and it will…one day a smile will cross your lips and you will feel it clear through…and it wont go away…it will remain…

    I will watch for it…

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