Do you see?

Societies guild
The crowds mold
Individuality rusts
Personalities fold

Broken is the call

From the hole in the wall

Unveiled is potential

Born is the hope

Burned is hopes’ flame
The Sun Waxes and wanes
Time and change

Be willing to be free

Be willing to be brave

And remember to see what we need to face

We are the you you imagine

Ultimately we are our own judge, we hold the wisdom, we are the observer, but this “we” is not the conceptual we that we think and talk about, it is the real we that can only be experienced directly. When that is then there are no questions and no judgment.

Him is you, but not the you you imagine, therefor you need a segregate you, which should be taken for real until you become real.

By Mossy

Love this comment!!!!!

Please forgive me

“Please forgive me for all the things I have said”, she spoke softly.

AS she sat there, in front of the old mirror. The mirror which lay against the wall, the wall of the farthest room, hidden from sight of the minds eye.

“Please forgive me for all the things I have done.”

Slowly she trurned, another reflection cast back. Eyes heavy, features strikingly similar to those of her own.

“Please forgive me for all the things I have thought.”

“Please forgive me for all the things I have felt.”

“Please forgive me for all the things I have wished.”

“Please forgive me, because I know you know”

Defeated she fell to the ground… the reflection slowly moved to her… reached to her… and smiled…

“of course I knew, i have always known” the words floated through the air, they existed for only the girl on the floor… broken, defeated, victorious…

She opened her eyes, her mirror, her other, gone…

“I knew”

Forever Before

I remembered a time

A time which did not belong to me

I remembered a place

A place which existed only for me

I heard a prayer

A prayer which parted my lips only decades before

I felt so sure

The knowing I lived with

the knowing I died with

the knowing I created

forever shall be

forever has been


me .


As I pray once more

it remains

forever before

Always Questions


are we?
is God?
is blessed?
is not?


is meaning?

is emotion?
is empathy?
is life?


is here?
is now?
is Soul?
is Life?

is Heaven?


do we achieve?
is the end?
is it right? or wrong?
is one more than another?

And when is another more than one….


Why do we feel only for certain people and not all people?


Why question?

Why care?

Who is What is Where is When is Why?

Always Why

Judge of Inquiry

Full of questions.

Do they deserve answers?

Who is the judge of these matters?

Who holds the wisdom?

Who listens to the minds of millions?

Ever pining away hours with mysteries

Is it Him?

If it is Him

How does He choose

How does He designate the knowledge?

Perhaps behind every question is an answer…

One which speaks softly with the chatter of the mind

Perhaps the answers of the world are only mirages

For people seeking an unworthy truth…

If ever there be an unworthy answer

Perhaps they seek the clear path… already traveled…

Either place reached before… perhaps it is Him… before us… within us… waiting patiently for us to listen…

Perhaps it is Him… Perhaps I hear Him…

“Full of questions…

which do deserve answers…

I am the Judge of Inquiry…

I hold the wisdom…

it is here…

within my palm…

within a grain of sand…

is this your truth?”