Theft of Time

Ever conceptualize time? Not mathematical, or scientific, just time. What time we receive is objective and relative… it is too short. When we realize what we have…it is gone. We live our lives not alive. We try to make something out of nothing that matters. Our careers, money, power…What are we doing?

Is this life? Is this living? Do we not need fulfillment? Do these thing fulfill?
Time is funny. We blink, aware that we are 28. Blink again 45. Is time a thief?

One could assume so, blame time for our wasted lives. Wasted opportunities. Why not blame ourselves? We could look back on the past, what we know of it. We could see that humans have been around for thousands of years. Life has been present for millions of years. And we are given 80 (if we are lucky) years. That is a blink. If not a blink, a thought of a blink. If that.

We blame and not accept responsibility for our lives. We make and create what is apparent. We live and want what does not matter. We breathe and take for granted the air. We are not seeing the possibilities. We wait for something bigger to come along, instead of interpreting reality… We don’t say what we need to say, because we think, we think we have another day. We think we have it coming to us. Then what?

Is time a thief? I think it is we who steal from time. We take and take…waste and waste. And want more, blaming time for taking the things we want most away. In that sense. It is you and I who are the thieves. Time should not be blamed anymore. Let it be. We need start living. Taking in what has been given to us…For no matter how long we have, we have it and so many don’t.

In these thoughts I ask you questions… I know not all perceive time as I do… perhaps I am jaded… perhaps I am tired… Either way, there are many out there who are stronger than I… who would say time is the bearer and we are the reapers… either way… there are many who say time is a blessing… I would agree with a grain of doubt… sometimes time is funny