Behind a veil

Beneath a lie
Within the secrets

All answers hide

For mysteries
More questions
Through histories
More lessons

As divinations curse
As predictions maze
The prophecies play
As the wisest may say

“An eternal  quest
A prophetic unrest
Be there ever a test

Lest time in time we will rest”

10 responses to “Prophecy

  1. In time you will remember all that you’ve forgotten; but first you have to forget all that you remember now. Beautiful poem, Enreal. In unlearning, we will learn the answers.

    Peace, Light and Love,


  2. I sense that this veil is no different that the mask that hides the self, the mask being the persona. The answers are there, but we don’t even know the questions to ask, and so what we grasp at the surface level of the veil is something that can only hint.

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