Looking Back

I was recently thinking… what was my first post about? So I looked and found Love

Ironic for someone who does not believe in “Love” in the conventional sense… I wonder…

What was your first post about? Did it forecast what your site became?  What you wished to share? Who you are or what your message is to the world? If you read this post… Link me your “first post” I would love to read them… I leave you with Love


Love. Does true love exist?
Does true love exist as depicted in countless stories, or innumerable actions or infinite works of art?
When the emotions that come forth under the perfect circumstances make you feel more alive than before, is that not a sign?
The perfect words, the perfect setting as if an uncontrollable force that is driving for true happiness and love is alive.
Alive and well.
Almost chaos.
That is love.
If the emptiness felt when I read these words or imagine the setting is a glimpse into the unlikelihood of it happening, and the reality that happiness like that can never come forth, then what reason is there to hope for true love?
Truth be told,
deep down in the pain,
there has always been hope,
it comes with the soul.
If hope comes with the soul,
embedded within,
how is it possible to feel that much pain and want?
The want for nothing other than the perfect love.
For the soul can have only one perfect love,
and that perfect love is unattainable.

Or is it?

10 responses to “Looking Back

  1. Enreal, let me start by asking you a question; (no need to answer if you don’t want to). What made you decide to start your blog?

    Your first post is….breathtaking. It is beautiful and I “feel” the words instead of just reading them. Your words inspire me and I love the fact that I found you and this place. I feel at home when I visit.

    As for my first post…Well… I had to go back and read it again and I actually felt rather embarrassed and found myself cringing to the extent that my first instinct was to delete it. I then thought that the post was a part of who I was then and part of my journey and because of that I chose not to delete it so here you go…http://controlyourdestiny.wordpress.com/2007/10/28/my-journey/

  2. Your first post is so insightful although it is gives out a feeling of tentativeness. I have enjoyed my visits here. I love the understanding you bring to your words. There are times you speak for me and I wonder was that you or was that Me? It is amazing to see that though theres apparent differences in the way we all our lives, our emotions resemble and resonate with each other.

    My first post was a Travelogue to the place of my ancestors. It wasnt as good as I wanted it to be but it coveys what I intended to convey..

    Nope, the blog didnt live up to my original intention. It had its own life and it showed what it would become as I wrote. It took me back to a secret passion of my younger days- I wrote poetry that never saw the light of day. The blog now makes me put it out.

    • MySoul… you speak to my soul more often than you could ever know. I loved your travelogue… it was terrific. I’ll let you know if I ever intend on visiting Coorg. As for your work… it takes my breath away. May you keep shining your light, I will be here to witness. Blessings

  3. E`
    I laughed out loud when I went back to number one..
    It is me, still to this very moment..
    We are true to ourselves even when we think we are not paying attention.

  4. Hi Enreal,
    I came across your blog tonight and thought your first-post question very interesting. Like you and your blog about Love and all its forms, my first post was a prayer for my children, which turned out to be an outline for my blog! I had forgotten what I said, so thanks for that. Here’s the link to that post
    and I’m going to add your blog to my Links. Take care.

  5. I loved your love post….just wish finding love didnt take our whole lives…lol

    My first post was…just a few sentences about beginning….sharing a thought or a word or a story…just a journal for me but it still is that for me…something I want to share w/ my daughter one day…things I loved…things about her so I dont forget…

    I just found while I was here that I enjoyed reading others….that some have thoughts and dreams like me…some touch my heart…make me think…

    Like you…

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