Wisdom of Ages


The time came 


In an era of darkness

When the light radiated from within its people

Shined from within their hearts

Lost in darkness yet unafraid


For there lay magic within the minds

Powers within their hearts

And knowledge within their Souls


The time has come once


In an era of light

This time the light outshines the people

The light blinds their hearts

Impairs their minds 

Shadows their Soul

Surrounded by a light of falsehood

The people are unaware to the Soul’s fear

For the people have forgotten the magic

Hushed the voice of the mind

Instead turned to the voice of the machine

The machine which radiates the light we made



I sit here and ponder how lost we can become… life running around us at speeds too fast to comprehend. The oneness, the whole of the world… integrated with time

Yet distancing us from the times we left behind

Our memories

Even before our lifetime we were blessed to have the wisdom of the ages. Blessed and yet too busy to look for the meanings, too busy for once we had them and let them fall silent. Silent as a language not practiced and silenced for lack of confidence. Yet we fear not for we have them recorded. Today they are translated  in our modern world. Categorized, defined and compartmentalizes into easy convenient  truths  easily digested as myth, reality or fact… 

The fact is

We lost the magic, the gift, the wonder of not understanding and accepting… we even define God… The ancients knew God… Through fear and awe… Through nature and the Heavens… Through the body and the mind… through the Soul

I sit here and ponder…


The Seer who lost sight


The witch bound by her own witchery


The wizard with lost wisdom


A prophet to prophesies the past


Yet  the time came once

In an era of darkness

When the people were not afraid

Perhaps the false light shall fail

Will you be able to see?