With you gone there have been less smiles for me to see

There have been fewer hugs

Fewer moments of happiness 

Fewer twinkles in the sky

I remember the twinkles in your eyes


With you gone there have been less memories to make

There have been fewer jokes

Fewer looks of dis*approvals 😉

Fewer moments of tricks to play

I remember the tricks you would play


With you gone there have been three less Birthdays

Three less Fathers Days

Almost three years less here with me

Doesn’t mean the end of smiles between us three

Perhaps the time is shared between


A new day before

Breaks the waves on distant shores

Yet the dawn has woken anew

Heaven and Angels are waiting with you

You smile and wave farewell

The birthday has passed

The memories swell

AS the tears to bid you 

Happy Birthday

I will always remember you…

I will always Love you


June 14th 1948- December 18, 2006



Be grateful for birthdays, you never know how many years  you have to share with the people you love… make them special.

6 responses to “Birthdays

  1. I am speachless Dear! I am feeling the blessings that are showered on you by him. This poem, each and every word, will surely make him happy.

  2. Absolutely beautiful. Having lost my dad, I identified with every word.The years go by so quickly, but I can still see his face, feel his hands, and hear his voice as if he had just visited. I find that the warm memories of my father are treasures that he left for me.

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