Obscured Night

As light gets shrouded
And silence veiled

As dark gets brighter
And wind has failed

We walked in shadows
Our minds a cage

We flew in moonlight
Our soul won’t age

For dark once gathered
On a forsaken stage

The light, the dark, play harmoniously
Written words of a sage

The night obscured
Once dark is now pure

Our senses gathered
From a tremulous tour

As consciousness woke
From words we spoke

We found our souls not with our mind
We found our soul had escaped the beginn
ings of time

8 responses to “Obscured Night

  1. What a soul revealing journey. We all walk the journey, I should hope, in one way or another. And, our souls shall one day escape all confines of time and space. Blessings, Angel Enreal! Beautiful words. I love it!!!!!

  2. Life is forever passing over us. We see the reflection of her shadows on the ground, and deem that this is all there is to be. In reality, we only experience her faintest expressions, and remain submerged in details as to never gaze the whole.

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