Only Questions

I sit and ponder my journals for hours. Trying to make sense of the senseless questioning. That is what I do. I question. I question and turn the words into poetry (if I’m lucky), sometimes an essay (if it makes sense),and sometimes nothing at all (commonly). Simply words.

 Tonight is different. My journal is making me confused. I sit here unable to focus. There is a sense of sadness, melancholia, for nothing more than waiting. Waiting for the answers to the questions.  And then the thought emerges, “perhaps my answers are answered”. Did I think out loud? I suppose I did. 

Perhaps my answers are answered, I am simply unaware of the truth, or the answers to my queries. It seems I drift to a place in my mind where the line is blurred between reality and imagination. This place we all know… it is the place from which our dreams come and then go… We watch the dreams pass by, forgetting before the meaning has a chance to resonate. 

The answers are there… 


The shadow of awareness divided…


“why do I love?”

“why do I hate?” 

“what is the meaning of all which comes my way?”

“what is the reason to my questioning?”

“why be awake to a life with little to no meaning?”

Why indeed… 

What good comes from questioning? Existence. For what have you if not the questions? It is indeed fun, the thoughts which arise are important. They cause so much in the way of life, yet they leave you wanting, waiting, for a glimpse behind the shadow of awareness.


I have always been a believer, “a knower”. I know what I know… it has been a journey through and through. Be it God. Be it faith. Be it Life, Reason, Truth. It is my truth. It is… and I know.  I know the purpose is to question. Ask and keep asking…and then there are times when I stop, I stop and think and question some more…


“why are there only questions?”


This time spent questioning has filled my mind with memories. I remember the first time I thought about God. I remember when I was aware of life and death. I remember thinking about my Soul. My life. My philosophies. As all these things began to formulate into my beliefs… into who I am. I remember. I am happy to remember. To be able to think and question with no answers. To believe in who I am and all the crazy things I believe are real… I am happy. 


“why are there only questions?”

That’s why 🙂

25 responses to “Only Questions

  1. My concern is for those who don’t ask questions and therefore never expect an answer. I think it’s true that we have more answers that we have become aware of. God has been so good in revealing himself in great depth if only we seek Him. I believe He is the source of every answer.

  2. Hello Enreal,
    Why question existence. Just be oneself. I tended to be a questionalist myself (if there is such a thing), looking backwards, forwards….always wondering this or that, what may or may not happen, or even speculate as to the past that may have been.

    I remember one day last fall, in a quiet glade in the forest, sitting there quietly, after a long hike, up and down the ridges. It was so refreshing, just sitting, absorbing the moment. Quiet and alone, alone with the moment.
    Then suddenly, like a ghost, a stag appeared, as if by magic, into the glade, stood perfectly still, the peripheral edge. Just like out of nothingness, so in tune with the moment, and so superior.
    Superior as if they were from another planet, and they are superior , in their way, their senses so razor keen, their whole life, now focused on the next few moments, appraising, feeling, living that next few moments.
    He did not notice me, yet. The wind blowing upstream to me. I sat quietly, unmoving, observing this superior life form.

    That was their secret. So Alive!
    They don’t think about the last few minutes, it ceased to exist the moment they experienced it, evaporated almost as quickly as it came.
    He now only thinks of the next few minutes, experiencing the moment, the moment at hand.

    No dwelling on the past, no real future……
    All molecule of being, focued on the now. Only the now, and so alive.

    He then by magic, dissapeared from view.

    I leared something from that experience, my interaction of that moment, with a superior being and the conclusions I drew.

    A wise man once said, follow your personal destiny, your dream, look for omens and dwell in the now and most importantly LIVE in the now to it’s fullest.

    Take care Enreal

    • Alan… your words are magic!!! one must learn from them and you must continue to share your words… for I was there with you when the stag appeared… I was alive in the moment of your thought… Profound wisdom… simply brilliant and so full of magic and light…

      Blessings always

  3. I was wondering about questions a bit before I saw you post today.

    I was watching a show on the history channel about ancient aliens, and if humans actually created some ancient sites for regular human things, or from alien inspiration. I liked the questioning, feeling that to not investigate these things and ask ourselves to find answers between our ears and what is before us, is to perhaps miss the joy of knowing. Some are interested in this quest while others could care less with; what has it to do with me? We may have different roles to play as far as speculation is concerned.

    I am glad for where I questioned authority to an extent, to trust thinking for myself rather than just having others do it (apparently) and I just go along in a question free numb/blind zone.

    Seems there can be less stress if questions are not asked, but I cannot say if that is always a good thing. We humans are gifted with an ability to question for the better or worse, finding right or wrong, or missing answers.

    I can question too much, with resulting ignorance revealed overload that can kinda bring me down. Seems most anything has its balance in the now, knowing when that point is here is another thing. A wise thing.

    I enjoy much of you questioning; you are very good with language and conceptual juggling, that can seem to leave some of your viewers with hints of answers they may have not known these were seeking. Plus you have so many great comments on your site, with their own take on inquiry.


    • Benafia… your thought process is one of wonders… I so enjoyed your take on questions… for you too my fried are a thinker, and in that you shall be blessed… always

      and yes, I am blessed by the brilliance that comes to my sight… they are all so beautiful and full of divinity… makes you think… and smile

  4. I have always felt to know the answers, but my problem has always been to ask questions, I never know what to ask and if there is anything to ask…..and for the questions that I have asked, and I haven’t got the answers, I always soothe my heart saying that may be it is not the right time to know the answers!

    • Neilina~ I am always confused… you hear and know what you are meant to hear and know… remember, there is no right or wrong… black or white… it is simply a question… thank you for sharing your heart and mind with us… blessings

  5. Quite a mind stirring post, Enreal. And the comments were really fun to read too. By nature, I think we all question something. Questioning life’s purpose can lead to many answers and I’m sure all of them would be correct.

    Blessings, Angel Enreal.

  6. Ah glad you do this too…I was feeling a bit lonely cause all around me, people seem like they have all the answers and I am the only one who is clueless. I havent got all the answers.. but I do have memories… The question that scares my wits is “Is all this real and what if it is not?” I am not ready for that answer.

    • Mysoul~ that question is pretty deep… I find certain questions may not serve… and yet they may… this question of yours, when I first read it, scared me too.. then I thought… if I find the answer to be the latter, it is not real, that would be kind of liberating… you see? WE find the meaning and answers when we are ready… you are a beautiful source of light… may you shine forever Mysoul…

  7. Hello Enreal,

    Questions may be asked for the sake of something to say or they may be asked because of a longing in the soul.

    why do I love?”

    Perhaps we love because love is all that there is and what appears to be I and thee is only love trying to see it’s self.

    “why do I hate?”

    Hate seems to be a method of blocking out the truth.

    “what is the meaning of all which comes my way?”

    There is no objective meaning for us, there is only what things mean to us personally, subjectively. This is important and yet we tend to think that only the objective has value. There may be an objective reality but when we try to grasp it we only end up painting a false reality. For now, the subjective is the highest that we can reach, and it is much higher than we think.

    “what is the reason to my questioning?”

    see above.

    “why be awake to a life with little to no meaning?”

    Subjective meaning is quite satisfying if one does not through it out the window.

    What would it mean if someone gave you a perfect rose on your birthday? Each moment of this life is such a rose.

    • Mossy~ I am at a loss of words… your answers are (beautiful, pure, true, meaningful, purposeful, love) I know not which… yet I know they come from a beautiful mind and soul… I am blessed to know your answers… blessings to you… for I shall keep questioning, may you be there to have answers for the ages…

  8. Hi Enreal!

    Simply enjoy the moment, and fill your life with love for yourself and others…and tomorrow will look after itself…trust me on this issue and you will be guided in ways beyond your comprehension…enjoy life, and ‘life’ will be your guide wherever you may be…Over intellectualisation may have the opposite effect…be careful…let ‘life’ guide you…

    My spiritual love to you…


    • Cyrus… I love how you think! So light, so pure… beautiful intention… Love and light my friend… and blessings… lots and lots

  9. There is something so resonant in what you say, as if a whole crowd of people thought it but no one could quite put a finger on it …. its eerie, eurekaish and also very comforting!

  10. Thought provoking!
    I felt as if you allowed us into your heart. I used to drive myself crazy with questions! As of late, I keep returning to nature, and it is there my questions are answered. It is there my questions are silenced, and I am reminded to live in the now. To Just BE..

    I go about my business..whether painting, gardening, cooking, etc..but more and more I am able to just BE. I am at peace now and I am happy with all things…unfolding as they are.

    Thank you for BEing.

    Energies of love, light, and peace of heart to you, dear enreal.

    • Gypsy~ you sound happy… I can see the light radiating from your words… must be amazing in person… you are a kindred my dear friend… may you continue to be blessed throughout eternity

  11. A dear friend of mine always tells me that the only answer to “why?” is “because”.

    I still think it’s worth asking…and he wasn’t saying that it wasn’t…but it’s funny how right he is. The answer to “why” always begins with “because…”.

    On another note, my mother’s answer to “why” was: “Because I’m the Mommy, that’s why!”

    I have to admit to using that one once or twice myself… 🙂

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