I wait

My face stings from the tears I yearned for… my mind splits from the knowledge I ran towards… my heart pains for the love I hid from… My soul aches simply to go home… 


Take me home… to my love… 

Free me from my mind. The mind of judgement with burdens too heavy… with implications too grand… 

Free me from my expectations. The expectations of others crash before my eyes… shedding shards that bleed my heart… that bleed my mind…

Free me from my tears… Shed for healing, yet come reeling in with fears


Escape these thoughts… throbbing through my head

Escape these visions…  with veils and shadows falling in my stead


Take me home… to where they wait with open arms… take me now… before I do more harm…


My eyes heavy… I see my love…

My mind is cloudy… as the sky above

For now I wait until dawn 

When the sun rises

All will be gone…



Until then my love… 

I wait

18 responses to “I wait

  1. I loved it! It really moved me, especially because it reminds me of my writing style. I really loved this! O_o. One of the better one’s i’ve read recently. It wasn’t too long, was powerful and straight to the point. Thanks for posting this! A great distraction from this lecture preparation 😛

  2. We all need the love you find at home. Sometimes I think my mind is my worst enemy, particularly when I carry introspection too far. It’s then that I need warm reassuring arms to settle into.

    • Karen… the mind is home for the ego… and sometimes it is in this distraction we are hidden from true love… thank you for sharing your thoughts

  3. [I deeply apologise if I sound like I’m imposing anything on you for I’m not. I felt like I had to say this :)]

    You sound constantly weighed down by the perceived weight of your thoughts, emotions, relationships and the world. I think you find great beauty and passion in the sad and the deep.

    But that’s definitely not wrong of course although I do wish to hear from you happy— without a tinge of poignancy and speculation about/linking to the past and the future.

    But do spend some time travelling outside of pure introspection. You’ll surprisingly find out much more about life.

    Do not base too much of your life on others. Do not merely think in terms of the link between you and others or a certain ideology.

    I used to be a lot like you. But quite a while ago, I find that I couldn’t lead a life up in the clouds anymore— it was too heavy an act to carry on (though at that time I didn’t think I was high up in the clouds). At that time, I thought it was the most meaningful period of my life but thinking back, it seemed to be merely composed of wistful thin air where no engagement was really made with anyone nor the outside world in general.

    I had a twisted form of Martyr’s Syndrome.

    Of course, I might be entirely wrong because I do not follow your blog that closely, you could be just demonstrating a philosophical approach to life. And you could be totally at peace with your life. Do ignore the above if that’s the case.

    But whatever it is, I do wish that you can seek for a meaning and purpose outside of introspection and demonstrating poignancy.

    Do take care.

    • Ah Jane… it took me time to think fully on your words… you are wise and full of an ability to read… perhaps you read from personal knowledge or from a higher self… either way, I do not take your words as an imposition… I shall respond at length in the near future… I have been preparing something for you… thank you for sharing your thoughts and welcome to my pages

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