The Path

Walk the path

Let not the path go

Wait for guidance

Leave your soul to grow


The path a journey

The journey a path



Try as you may never to ask


The cycle is infinite

Proving life is unlimited

Choices forsaken

Show the path never taken


Then comes the time

When we reach the end

Where the path winds to the sea

We walk solemnly to be

Where one sits and gazes to the horizon

Watching for the epiphany 

Counting the sands of time

All in all

The Path was kind

7 responses to “The Path

  1. Lovely uplifting sentiments, Enreal. I particularly like the first stanza. Isn’t it interesting to consider “the end”? A man who lived long ago, named Paul of Tarsus, considered it just the beginning. Wow.

  2. The path whatever it may be we will gain from it. If we took another path, the path we are taking now would have been lost. So in the end, it matters not what path we take, what matters is what we do on the path we take.

  3. I suppose in the end the path is kind. . . but it is a journey we all must take, regardless. “Try as you may never to ask” – is there any reason why we should never ask, Enreal? Please elaborate.

    Peace, Light and Love. . .

  4. Oh how I have missed reading your poetry, I can’t tell you how good it feels to be able to sit finally with a HUGE cup of coffee and just absorb. This one is especially beautiful for me perhaps because it is close to my soul. Hugs

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