Receive me

Into the arms of abyss
Receive me

Into the fields of light
Receive me

Into your fortress of clouds
Receive me

When dawn crashes upon waters
And shadows bring forth ice

When storm carries winter
And the release is a ray of night

When the thunder shatters
And lightning embraces

When silence is scarce
And noise is null

When all is sacred
And all is inside

Receive me
Release me

5 responses to “Receive me

  1. Enreal…

    when the night has had its time,
    when the trees,
    have surrendered,
    their leaves,
    to other sounds,
    when the beginning,
    of the next,
    starts again,
    the staccato beat,
    of birds,
    brave enough to sing,
    when the Earth has woken,
    and so wakens,
    some of us,
    in that space,
    i pray,
    for unity.

    blessings to you.


  2. ~surface earth~ you humble me with your beautiful words… an honor indeed. Thank you

    ~ sorrow~I believe I hear the sigh… perhaps in this universe we hear each other…

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