Has evolution taken a break?

Has evolution stopped at our place?
Has evolution  given up on our time?

I believe in ages of enlightenment…

times when we see in the future, yet stand in the past

we need those times again… it seems that time stands still for none

Life is forgotten until the end… when we blink… blink and then…


Engulfed in irrelevance we have become
Surrounded by false intentions too trivial to hurt… yet they burn

Allowing our potential to fail
Allowing our spirits to break
Allowing our minds to travel
To forget… to live without regret

Sometimes you need to regret… perhaps not our minds… we need to regret for all

All these questions, all the time
Time to look for the way

Time to look for the answers

Let us evolve today

7 responses to “Has evolution taken a break?

  1. “Life is forgotten until the end… when we blink… blink and then…”

    So poignient. If only we could know that we are living now, always. What a difference that would make.

    (((mossy))) the world of difference and change…yet how can we be sure it would be for the better, perhaps the world lives as it does for a purpose… one day the few shall awake and lead the blind sleeping into the future… perhaps it shall be you… perhaps…

  2. I like the theory that there is no general evolution, not for many millions of year, but there is the possiblity of personal evolution withing a relatively short term.

    (((mossy))) indeed… within a relatively short term I believe I evolved into a better person, an enlightened person… yet it is the constant evolution which brings peace… I still have such a distance to travel… so much to learn and overcome… perhaps it shall take me to my final breath… I am willing to go…

  3. How can we NOT evolve, Love? Each one of us…as long as there is LIFE flowing through our veins…is changing, morphing, growing, birthing, dieing, being reborn.

    Look with the eyes of your heart and you will see that the only thing that really IS, is evolution 😉


    (((grace))) I feel you in your words… you are indeed a force of energy… so light and pure… I see through the eyes of my heart… you are indeed a wise soul… thank you

  4. I think it is an exciting time for evolution of human consciousness. I believe we are achieving great things in a short space of time. What we see around us that disheartens us, is just the dying throes of the old, the stuck and the useless. Like the phoenix I believe humanity will fly free of the ashes into the light eternal…

    As Grace says, to live is to evolve…

    (((Zen))) WOW… were did that come from… you are so beautiful… I can see through your words indeed… that is the message I was hoping for… to be awaken from… to live is to evolve… brilliant all of you

  5. I haven’t visited for a while here. But I’m back again and Enreal darling, your words have always fascinated me. A personal evolution I am experiencing indeed…

    (((Glaize))) you are a blessing… thank you

  6. Let us evolve to knowing that love has the capacity to shadow all with its blanket of truth. Beautifully written, Enreal. Thanks for sharing!

    (((Cordie))) the blanket of truth… I love that! Thank you my dear Cordie

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