Melancholy Thoughts

As I sit here
with my hands to my eyes

As the warm tears
Stream down my cheeks I will cry

Where are you?
Why have you not come?
In this place and time?
What have I done?

Take me away
I am not strong enough to carry this burden
Take me away
I am not strong enough to make these decisions
Help me
Guide me
Protect me
Enlighten me

For in this hour I cry
Maybe tomorrow I die
For all is all
And all shall be
As life is life
What will be
Will be

Nothing can describe sadness
Nothing can provide answers
All is within, we have to believe
Until it ends, we shall not see

5 responses to “Melancholy Thoughts

  1. “Until it ends, we shall not see”.

    True, that. And that simple truth is the creator of everything beautiful and horrible in this world.

    I relate to the anguish in this post. Thank you for being you.

    (((Kalliope))) wise and beautiful words… thank you for sharing life with me… blessings

  2. My dear enreal ,

    I don’t know what is the cause of this melancholy .
    I am here to share it with you , if it helps .

    Love ,


    (((akash))) of course it helps… life can be melancholy at times… like a bittersweet sadness… it comes and goes… but thank you for shining your light here… I am always blessed

  3. What happened?

    Thought I’ve got a teeny little bit of drift what its about.

    Hm (P.S I spell hmm with 1 ‘m’), it is uncertainty that hurts the most. No matter how good or bad the news is, uncertainty hurts more than the worst news if you care much about it.

    (((I))) these words you speak are profound, they resonate somewhere deep within due to the messages… indeed uncertainty is the more painful of the news… for it leaves the wound open for more pain or for healing…

  4. You are stronger than you realise and give yourself credit for, Enreal.

    You can fly…

    I too, understand sadness, melancholy. You are not alone, we are all here with you.

    (((Zen))) Thank You my dear Zenuria, I love that name!!! you are a blessing in this seemingly random world… seemingly with purpose!

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