To be Quoted…

Tonight I was thinking of my father… he has been on my mind lately (although he never leaves my thoughts)… It is June and this month has always been for me and my dad. Our birthdays are two days apart… they run on Fathers day weekend… most of the time…

So I was thinking of my father…I have been trying to remember all his lines, sayings, quirks… many lost in translation, but gained in accent 😉 . We were originally from Romania…I have lived in the United States for most of my life, my father restarted and finished his life here. It is and has always been home.

He had the biggest heart and the kindest Soul… his passions exceeded his expectations… I have mentioned all that I loved about my father previously… so tonight an ode to my fathers lines, sayings and quirks…

Ode to Silviu




Loved to cook, never clean, each and every cabinet door left open, flour and eggs on the ceiling,

with a smile and pride… “my work is finished… ;)”


“Are there any cooooocumbers”… an emphasis on the “ooooo”


I love crepes, and my father made them the best! however he once made the mistake of calling them “craps” lets just say it stuck around.


During his last few years he was often tired… but it never stopped him from writing. That was never his profession… always his dream. Sometimes I would get to the house late… I always knew where he was, down stairs in his “office”… a little den in the basement… all his own… It is not the same 

Sometimes I was rushed and missed out on our talks… but when we caught up… it was perfect…

(sorry dad for that… I have slowed down a bit)


This is a little secret I never shared…

We were leaving my sisters wedding at the same time… he was driving in front of me on the highway to show me the way… Then we got to the intersection where I recognized… (this is going to sound bad and irresponsible, but if you would have known my day you would get it)… he wanted to race, so here we are on the hutch and we are speeding, it was only for a minute, but it was a memory I will never forget…


He was so proud of his culinary abilities… based in “Romanian Cuisine”…  I would eat that food everyday if I could… but something about my dad, when he cooked… he was a great chef… really… except for…

the dish I will never forget … Tripe soup… It was one of the grossest things I had ever smelled…  the whole family grabbed the pot of soup and threw it outside… never again… we talked about that one forever…


Or his compassion for tele-marketers and Jahovas witnesses. Wether it was boredom, or his sense of humor… tele-marketers would call… my dad would turn them around… start questioning them… he would make them forget what they are doing… he was good at confusing people… 😉


One day two Jahovas came to the door… now for all who are super religious… I mean this in the utter most respect for all faiths… my dad had very strong beliefs as well…

Two Jahovas Witnesses came to the door… My dad knew who they were and what they wanted… so he invited them in (if they only knew)…

They began thier preaching and information… my father said “alright you want me to listen about your religion, ok first listen about mine…” after ten minutes they suddenly had to leave… I couldn’t believe it… hadn’t had any visitors since then…


I could go on forever… but for know I raise my head and smile… 

Here’s to you Dad… an ode to Silviu

May I be quoted one day with love and humor and the warmest of memories…

6 responses to “To be Quoted…

  1. I loved reading about your Father…I know I would like him very much!

    Interesting about the “Jahovas witnesses”…you have no idea how interesting. 🙂

    What a wonderful memory..the drag race between the two of you.

    Do you feel him around you now enreal?

    I am having my glass of wine and I toast you and your Father…and the love you share that knows NO bounds.

    Energies of love to you my sweet, sweet friend!

    (((gypsy))) you have no idea what your words mean to me… and yes, I feel him around me now…
    I raise my glass as well to you… bless you always, you touch my heart

  2. What wonderful memories. Your dad sounds like he had a really big heart and a good sense of humor to boot. I’m so delighted you have shared your beautiful and happy reflections with us – they certainly make for great start of the day! I’m laughing at you and your dad racing as I write. Thanks for the smile and laugh. CPeace, Light and Love to you and yours. . . . CordieB.

    (((Cordie))) I thank you for your warm words… your light indeed is shining here…

  3. My, here’s a toast to you and your Father, Enreal 🙂 Every moment you two shared were beautiful indeed as is your love for each other, a love between two souls of one blood, surpassing that of two bloods.

    I can very well tell you are proud to have him as your father. Bless his soul for he has bring so much light to you. And through you we caught a glimpse of that very light.

    Which reminds me, Father’s Day is this weekend :] For your birthdays, Enreal. Here’s to you and your father.

    (((Glaize))) your words touched my soul… they are beautiful… so is your soul… thank you for shining your light and love here… it means more than words can say

  4. Peace Enreal,

    A beautiful post, full of warmth and humanity. Your memories of your father stir my heart.

    Abdur Rahman

    (((Abdur))) Then may I say I am happy… you always stir my soul… thank you for the compliment… it is an honor… indeed… bless you always

  5. Your dad sounds incredible and one thing is certain, he is standing right next to you smiling with pride, he will never leave you. You are blessed and in turn you bless others…

    (((sanity))) I am smiling… you blessed me with your words… Thank You

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