Do we exist?
Are we here?
Is life real?
Are you sure?

What do we know?
We are here, but are we?
What do we know of life?

We study, research, look for the truth.
What of evidence?
What if we exist only to make our souls satisfied
Interesting concept

If someone came and spoke to you the truth…
This page you are reading is not here
The surroundings you see are irrelevant
The feelings you experience are a tool for something larger

Would you believe
If someone came and told you to open your mind
Would you?

We need not the body.
We need not the earth.
They are here as a vessel
They are here to help us learn.

6 responses to “Existence

  1. Because Life is full of lessons, never two the same. In our search we’d sometimes forgot. There is so much to be learnt but alas! We do not have the keys to all.

    This is really nice, Enreal.

    (((Glaize))) wisdom from your words I hear… we can not learn all, it is that we open our minds and hearts that enables such wisdom…

  2. Wow, girl….just a little ‘light’ mental meandering huh??? 😉

    ((( Enreal ))) You’re asking THE questions, aren’t you?

    I am currently in love with (what for me) is a new thought: I can be in any number of ‘realities’, all at once. This one is just one option 🙂

    (((Grace))) I am right by your side which reality would you like to explore today? I have been playing around with the idea of Living two lives… one in the present… and one in my mind… looking around, playing with my imagination… it is fun… I like that reality, “nothing as it seems”.

  3. There is a process – be patient. Be curious, but always remember to love the process too. Love the life and the sphere in which you are in now and the answers will reveal when the time is right. If we are not real, then what are we? We are real at least to ourselves, and there is no denying that. If the illusion is for a reason, we should always embrace the process of this illusion – no matter. All life, no matter the form, is a blessing. Embrace your blessings, each and every one of them. From the air you breath, to the individual strands of hair on your head, to the inspiring energy you give off of love and peace and sirenity. I embrace your peaceful energy. It helps me often. It calms my anxiousness to to relaxation. Thanks, Enreal.

    Peace, Love and Light,

    (((Cordie))) I am just beginning to love the process… I am humbled by the beauty of your words and wisdom… I hope you see the light from within that guides so many to happiness…

  4. Can a picture of an apple exist? Yes of course. Is it the apple? No.

    “We” are a mental picture in an interpreted world.

    Some say “Love alone is”. If so, then the fact that we see illusions is good news. Things must be much better than they appear to be.

    Perhaps we are shadows cast in of the pure light of love. Cast by the vaporous eminations of mind.

    (((mossy)))… Wow!… these are brilliant thoughts my friend… Brilliant and wonderful thoughts… I am blessed to have them here… namaste

  5. Dear enreal, that is a breathtaking description of an exhausting dream. I hope you woke up refreshed.

    (((Rainer)))… you know it!! I often travel through my words… I love the romanticism behind words… they sing a sweet melody and inspire peace…

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