I have died before

I have died before this night
This time
This place

I have died before in peace
With solace
With grace

I have died before and learned
Found my lesson
For the return

I remember it clear
I have died before
There was no fear

Yet with remembrance comes confusion
All for knowledge
Lack retribution

For I have died
Yet, I also lived

For which is gravity and light
For which is greater
Death or Life

I had a dream, a vivid dream, one which confused me, yet, left me at peace. Let me begin by stating that my dreams always involve some great adventure…Each night another great Quest…( I love to dream ) So analyze this one…

My sister and I were driving, it was dark. We had had some difficulties with my car earlier in the dream. Nonetheless, we were driving. Then we come to a precipice. A jagged line of rocky cliffs, bordering a road with no signs. My sister, who is diving my car, almost drives off…but at the next turn does…

AS we are falling down the seemingly short fall…I was battered by an explosion of energies and feelings, my heart was racing, yet the fear was quick to dissolve…My sister reaches out touches my face and says calmly and sadly, “I am sorry I killed you” In my final moment I felt a pang of sadness so profound…

I died. I did not wake. I felt my mind. I felt my mind being silenced. There was a separation, I felt my mind being separated from me. I felt a nothingness so strong, yet it was the most beautiful feeling. Nothing. A calm, dark yet bright place of silence filled with beautiful music. I felt at peace. I felt content…

I always had a beautiful vision of death…one which, when my time comes I will embrace…I never imagined I could be content with nothing, yet I understand…

This dream was a reminder, whether illusion or reality…challenge your beliefs, remember the possibilities

7 responses to “I have died before

  1. What a wonderful, profound dream. I, too, love dreaming and the things I am shown. I sometimes feel that I’ve been ‘rewired’ in my sleep.

    Death is not something to fear – in some ways I look forward to it (just not yet).

    I believe the only person who can truly analyse a dream is the dreamer herself. And I think you have done a good job and gained great understanding.

  2. There is apsychological death each time we are forced to give up one of our beliefs, needs, passions or any other false identity. Death of the virtual self, little by little, brings freedom. It is a real death of an unreal thing.

  3. (((Zen)))…We are on the same page my friend…I analyzed this dream to no end, you know what? I like my visions better, leave this one for my soul to explore…

    (((Sea)))…On some level I believe I have…

    (((Mossy)))…This was more profound than simple sacrifice…

    I wish one day you all, we all can feel this way…

  4. I’m with Mossy… it seems that most of the time dreams are symbolic. But imho they’re not just that. They’re also signposts for those willing and able to put the pieces together… telling us that we’re part of a very big, multi-layered reality.

    Skeptics may say that such a perspective ‘reads into’ things too much. That’s okay. It’s good to be analytical and consider all possibilities. But on the whole I’d say to the skeptics… let’s talk again in the next life.

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