Riddles and Reflections

Lucid-dreamsSpeak to me in riddles so I may understand that which is whispered in my mind.


Listen to the other one so I may find that which was lost in thought and broken down with time.


The mind space which was shared is withered and broken.


The time space which has lived now casts shadows and has taken



It makes little sense to others

and less sense to us

yet as we are one

leave chance to none but both


riddles and


chances and



Paths that wind

broken vision

shattered times

all lead to nothing


so nothing we shall lead



and wheels of endless turns

make little sense to



Speak to me in riddles so I may understand that which is whispered in my mind.

8 responses to “Riddles and Reflections

    • To be honest words simply flow and I don’t fully grasp them until the end… an inner conflict of interests between the analytical mind and time and space which is the souls domain… something along those lines… I will comment more down below…

    • Summer… I replied above… I always feel writing is objective and even subjective… to be honest with you this piece is a chaos of words that flowed… I found my meaning along the way and waited to see if others found something… I meant not confusion… but thank you, you captured my exact state of mind when I began writing this…

  1. “The mind space which was shared is withered and broken.” Nice. Interesting synchronicity. Was discussing consciousness in my classes this week, and put forward the idea that we as humans “share” a mind — particularly the unconscious part of mind. Would certainly help explain (if that’s the right word) an idea like Jung’s collective unconscious. We may ask whether alienation, isolation and an increasing sense of individuality have dulled this “talent”. Or perhaps it has been replaced, like so many of our unappreciated mental capacities, by technology.

    Some thoughtful lines here…

    • You know N~ I have read Jung and am a firm believer in mind space (shared consciousness) and syncronicity. I am not sure if each individual shares the space or if there is one vast array of knowledge available to all who “think”. Alas this number grows fewer and fewer and when we are long gone, and our childrens’ children live, how much will be left? It is sad and scary… but a reality.

      Riddles and reflections… I am glad you saw one of the reflections…

  2. Wondering how I missed this amazing beauty… I simply want to bow to the ineffable moment of the divinity within which you dance..

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