the sound of dreams


There was a time when I remembered.

Paid conscious thought to the mind and eagerly waited for my dreams at night.

The nights dawned with the most lucid of dreams.

The vivid colors and brilliant possibilities.





Now the time is passed and I wait for the nights in hope and anticipation for a glimpse of the possibility to live.

Even for  a moment, as I have done for eternity.

All that I dreamed and thought of myself has faded with the image I held of my world.

My dreamscape

My escape

My one chance to be safe…

I chose and I faltered for the reality of my truths

What have I now but truths.

I forsake them

I don’t want them

Why then must I have them…

Leave me be

Alone with the sounds of my dreams

6 responses to “the sound of dreams

  1. They say geniuses dream as u described. I didn’t dream as you…but through experience and observation and a good heart….I understand exactly what you are expressing here.

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  4. I love to dream….better yet….I love to awake and find I am living the dream….hahaha

    Maybe you shall find….you live them now too….

    I still dream of being an Olympian….rolling eyes here….sometimes it just doesnt happen…be well

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