Senses Fail



Hiding behind their luminescent veil

Eyes gather

Their senses fail

Do you see her?

Down on her knees

Do you feel her?

All the while ignoring her pleas.

She is here

Waiting for you

She is dying

But this you knew

For this she waited

Your heart

Your mind

She is within you

Or are you blind

While she cried

By your minds door

While she died

On your hearts floor






Matter not her eyes to you

The tears fragment a broken view

Then dawn and dusk collide

Pressing time and space aside

Leaving all to wonder why

It all began

When she cried

While she died

All who waited for her

Behind the veil

All who passed judgement

Their senses failed


Then she was born

Once more

Living for you


Forgetting the senses

she never bore

Forgiving the reality

she swore




forever more

6 responses to “Senses Fail

  1. I wanted to read this a few times over the course of a few days…but working several nights in a row and will be too tired to follow through.

    This is a very beautiful and sad piece…like one of those masterful classic music compositions that hit two chords at once…beauty/divine and human sorrow…the sublimity of a Greek tragedy.

  2. Still have some energy in reserve…of course the sorrow here is with the divine entity…but I think the author has or had a sense of that divine Angel…and so the human sorrow still holds in my above comment.

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