there you were, before me

your eyes looked into my soul.

I know,

though I can not share this with you.

I know,

though I wish I could tell you.

I know,

as I know your eyes can see my soul.

I can see and I know.


the tear which erupted from your eye was but single

it forced its way fast, for it knew it would be cast aside

one quick stroke and it vanished.

you have become comfortable with tears,

a comfort no one should face.

your hand reacts automatically,

though your mind knows not its track.

it is sad.


the  hollowness

parallels the life

which shines

how can eyes be bright and dull simultaneously?

how can beauty be so sad?

how can I see your soul?

tell me,


For I know much

understand more

yet am utterly confused

by contradiction

8 responses to “Contradiction

  1. The first step in resolving anything, i.e. contradiction, is to recognize and identify its existence. What a wonderfully poetic way to bring such to our attention. Thank You.

  2. beautiful emotions expressed here, enreal…

    It seems, the more we think we know… the more we find we really don’t know much…. I think I give up trying to figure anything out…. too much doesn’t make sense…

    • Sometimes I think it never will, and then another comes along and speaks the questions I have oft asked myself, and that is an answer in certain way, because if another can think and wonder it makes me feel… wonderfully less crazy 🙂 thank you Sam… as always!

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