Universe of thought

I sit here and imagine my thoughts.. I imagine them as they are not… tangible, real, in a physical sense… I imagine they were assigned a space… a designated area… a unit. How large would that be? How much space do we take with our thoughts… picture it now… in your mind…

Do my thoughts take up your space? Is there an overlap? How far does this space go… there are nearly 7billion people on this planet… and how many before that… is that mental space still here? How far can we reach into the universe with our thoughts… how many dimensions can we travel to? how far will we go in time…

It is almost like a conversation… when one is created it in turn creates a universe of possibilities. It creates a reality all the while creating a bridge between one or more minds. I sit here now and am envisioning this in my mind. I envision this in your mind. I am seeing into the universe of thought. It is a beautiful place.

One day I will not be here as I am now. One day I will be as simple and complex as this thought. One day I will be my a sum of my thoughts left behind in another form.

One day.

Yet today I am here with you in this mental space, this infinite universe of possibility… of thought… can you feel this space? Can you feel these thoughts? This conversation? If you are aware and truly think, I think you can.

10 responses to “Universe of thought

  1. *smile*

    I have thought of this before and followed it to how all of our thoughts may be just pieces of one larger thought or dream that we are all sharing simultaneously – a body of thought with all the systems of a complex organism working and interacting with its self the way cells and systems coexist and work in a corporeal body.

    I enjoyed this post – it will make for interesting dreaming tonight Enreal – I will look for you there and maybe we can dream speak together.


  2. Ah, you play within the realm of Probabilities and Possibilities. It is a fun, or frightening land, depending upon your perception. There is no limit to that which we can see or to that which we can be. There are no limits to those who can conceive of the limitless and true non-existence of Space. Unfortunately I, and perhaps you as well, are constrained by our thoughts even though those same thoughts could crush all barriers to limitation. I recently posted something along these same lines myself. As always I love the way you challenge my mind. Thank You.

    • Hawk! your comment is perfect! thank you for seeing the possibilities and challenging this piece to reveal some of its intended secrets! you are insightful and wise. your comments prove to add value, that is greatly respected 🙂

  3. Grand universal thoughts joined and then put into action to make our existence grand and evolving forward is a continual grand thought of mine…and I believe many more share this thought.

    • Tincup… I believe in what you believe… in this you are right… for now I shall be as you, an aware optimist, beats the alternative. Thanks for your insight!

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