These are senses

Do I need to be blind in order to see?

Do I need to be deaf in order to hear?

Numb to feel

Fear death to start living

It would suffice to say I fear life more so that I do death… there are so many possibilities, so many futures which lie down so many paths

Limitations are given by choice
Boundaries offer little guidance
These are the sealed paths
Doorways within blocked walls

These are the impossible
These are the challenges of strength
These are the tests of faith
These are the roads we take

To experience
To be here
To breathe
To be anywhere

These are the gifts
These are the signals

They are the destinies

They are more alive than we will ever be

They are more free than we choose to be

Blind. Deaf. Numb. Dead

These are senses

11 responses to “These are senses

  1. You always surprise me with the depth and the power of your words, Enreal. I love how you turned the senses around!

    Fantastic work, as always. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. this was very thought provoking… deep thoughts…
    for some reason, it reminded me of this (old) fav. tune of mine… check out the lyrics (they are posted with the vid on youtine)… you might like it:

  3. I do like Kansas… they were ahead of the times back then… in thinking and in music… I never heard this one… and it doesn’t surprise me that I like it!

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