In the shadows

Tell me now

where you go

when I ignore you

Are you alone

within your home

So I can’t see you

And while you’re there

do you swear 

that I can’t hear you

I promise you 

forever true

that I do need you

The walls crumble and fade

yet there you remain

ever the same

For no one can break you


Not I 

For I have tried

all the while I cried

I do feel you


As a part thats been broken

that part is still inside

no matter how hard I try



Until I die

I will feel







Be it ever the same


In the shadows you will stay

until the day

I can truly free you


I’m sorry

15 responses to “In the shadows

  1. I think that being contained to a particular form brings out the being in a poet. However rhyming is a form that seems to take no effort and therefor does not produce the same effect.

    Never the less your work seems very sincere and is touching.

  2. beautiful. the repetition adds to the sentiment and while you make it look easy, I know, it is not always so.

    this makes me feel sorry too…. for what… I’m not exactly sure….

  3. i thank you for this, coz i was hoping with i know no ground to stand on that him whom i miss much might spare me the attention like you have for your beautiful one in your mind. impermanent as things are, i feel weak and unenlightened.
    meanwhile, my sis-in-law is going to give birth to her first very soon, probably this late afternoon or evening, we are all awaiting quietly, for the new member. Blessed be the mother-to-be, in her throes. Life is sad, and wonderful at the same time.

  4. Hello Enreal,

    Sorry to be crittical. It does not mean that I do not love your work. Yours is the only blog I read regularly.

    It is always difficult to be critisized. I enjoy so much the real you that the rhymes seem like a crime.

    Please do not feel that I do not apreciate you. I do.


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