What would say,

if I asked you to stay

And be with me

All of me


I Scream

Shout, Cry

I Lie

And one day soon, 

I shall Die


So will you?

Stay, I mean

Until the time,

when I get tired of you


Would you tire of me?

With all the tears,

I can’t tell how many years.

For it could be mere days and weeks

I don’t know

I wish I did,

for then you would be

partially free



I’m lost

Would you guide me

through this maze

It is haunting and real

And nothing heals

there is too much to feel

I rant


I can’t imagine where it began

Perhaps in the infinite end

Were you ever my friend

I can’t begin to descend

Until I know


This could be it.

This could be the beginning

Than Answer I chase

I’m on the edge of the world

lights coming and flowing

I know I am alone

Who shall carry this for me

if not by me

I know I am alone


Not even I 

would stay

There is my answer

19 responses to “Stay

  1. This is a very deep and powerful piece with lots of twists and turns. I also love the photograph…not sure that is you…but the model is both beautiful and terrifying…almost werewolfish…and the idea of two images…where the one in the mirror might also chose not to stay. Great poem Enreal…of course commentary on a poem is always an empty shell relative to the poem itself.

  2. Alone.
    We are not meant to be really.
    I am here.
    When you read this – that moment – you are not alone.
    And later – if you reply to me or speak to another friend?
    Sorry – but you will not be alone – nor will they.
    I am about to sleep and will dream as I always do – and you might be there.
    Then – I will also not be alone.

    Thank you.


  3. Emotions are fleeting. Relationships are fleeting. The Maze is fleeting. Life is fleeting. Interesting words. Interesting Philosophy. I’m glad I found and read them.

  4. Sometimes, staying isn’t the answer… What are we? If not always coming and going… moving… even when we think we are staying… or that they are staying… nothing ever really stays… the same…

    you move me, enreal.
    thank you.

  5. enreal,just got to know about you via timotheous (:) )and i must agree i love!and this piece right here just echoes with me.totally beautiful my dear and so,your follower i have become!

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