A reason

Fear not the night, nor the darkness which heralds false unease. The prospect of our senses blinded by the lack of light… the lack of sun… the lack of awareness as to what we shall become. Freedom awakens to the heavens as we drift to where our souls meet… ready for the mind to release and the soul to take flight… the wind remains calm, for the rays dance in ethereal light…

On the wings of my soul

In the shadows of my plight
On the borders of my mind
As my spirit brings forth sight

As vivid as our dreams
As immortal as our souls
As our endless years unfold
The truth we always hold

On the cusp of a dawn
Our sorrows were reborn
Shadows of the eclipsed sun
Casting hope

Though they sought none

Now the shadow’s seeking night

Night as darkness

Dawn as sorrow

Be it as a light in the morrow

Be it happiness in the perceived abyss

Be it simply

Life is not always as it is

So I say, once more… fear not that which can be misunderstood. Fear not darkness simply because it is dark. Dismiss not pain simply because it hurts. Deny not sorrow for the well may once be full… there is always season… there is always a reason

And reason is as Life

7 responses to “A reason

  1. So wise, Enreal. Fearing the dark – whether it’s without or within – and trying to alleviate that fear, seems to occupy much of our time here on earth.

  2. I agree, life isnt what it always seems. That is also the reason that we find life interesting. Learning to master our fear makes Life Joyful.

      • words are easier to write that the actions they intend to fulfill may seem less frightening… I am scared everyday… but I will try…

        ask yourself this, is life truly meant to be enjoyed? are you and I given burdens to teach us… perhaps after we learn our lessons. perhaps then we can begin to enjoy life

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