A Sense of Belonging

I do not belong here
Among the low of spirits and the weak of hearts
Of those whose tongues be shamed
Though I must speak of it the same


I do not belong here
Among the empty dreams and failed attempts
For I dream of Life and Love
A vision of peace and wonder sent from above


I do not belong here

though only now I realize I know

I have never felt the way my mind accepted

My heart always knew it couldn’t know


Though I sense so much more of where I belong

I know I have been wrong

My voice carries on meanings which have slipped passed my judgement

My mind carries on memories of the feelings

memories of the words

memories of the tears


I seem to have forgotten these times, though I search for meaning
I will never forget the feeling
It is of a time and setting misplaced


I know I do not belong here, yet I can not envision any other place

I can only sense I know another face

I belong among valor and love
I belong among the proud and virtuous


Let my mind speak to me and remind me why I am here
I have forgotten the purpose
And my soul waits

Let my heart speak to me and show me the reason
I feel imprisoned to a time, though not the hour which I seek

Let my soul and I complete

Be in quest of this place

the one and only of our dreams

the one of which we belong



It is interesting how we look for meaning and answers….

“why is this my life?”, “why am I the way that I am?”, “when will these thoughts and feelings make sense?”.

It is interesting how we forget the lessons we have learned along the way, as if searching for one answer is not enough, we seem to overlook it in our failed attempt to see the “big picture”. I am tired of being so selfish… I stopped writing the poem below because I can not justify my visions… whose to say where I belong? I realize that it should definitely not be me. I am persuaded by my desires. I dance with my ego and have become partner when once I was lead… A sense of belonging, perhaps one which was never meant to be…


4 responses to “A Sense of Belonging

  1. Your body belongs here, but your soul does not.
    Many feel this way, Enreal.
    Someday everyone will understand – and accept – why that is.
    In the meantime, many enjoy the “wondering” and the “seeking” instead of the “finding.”

    Good poem. I can relate to it, along with many others.

  2. Hello Enreal,

    Recently I realized that meaning can have different meanings. For one part of me it means explanations such as why are things this way? For another part of me meaning means importance. For example when I say that this moment is meaningful to me it means that it seems important or significant to me.

    It is not a complete understanding yet but it is a start.

    “I” is right. It does not belong here (pretending to be a being). You, your wordless soul does belong here.

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    That’s just not right.

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