Story Teller

The world awaits a new tale… filled with wonderment and life… visions and strife… the world awaits a new hero, a new world, a new time… every second one is born, another one dies.

I sit and read tales told through countless lifetimes. I fly through my mind. As I read the words they lose their shape and become landscapes of thought.
The story teller paints on the canvas of veiled sight. Whispering thoughts and watching them blossom. Watching them flow on the river of words until abstract becomes understood and understanding becomes reason for the listener. They tell yet always see in plain sight.


I sit and listen to the voice of the teller. Hearing the words and entering their minds. I fly.


Turning I see them. I hear the words they spoke as they wrote and they dreamed.


I saw them fly.

Eternal be the words, eternal be the thoughts, they remain for eternity. Infinitely flowing through minds. They live forever as others die.

Words. Thoughts. Voices. Memories. Dreams. Visions. Emotions. Created. Destroyed. Transformed. Interpreted. Saved. Deleted.

The voice of the story teller lives and is spoken through time.

As they whisper you can hear their true voice

As you listen you can see them fly


Turn and hear me.

See me. Telling you a tale.

Can you see me fly?

6 responses to “Story Teller

  1. it’s been a little while since i visited you *looks shy*

    your words are still strong & meaningful
    glad to see you’re still here writting

  2. I think that in telling and hearing stories we connect with the spirits of our earliest ancestors, first telling tales round the camp fire.
    Our faerytales and folk tales contain strong traces of the DNA of the earliest stories; that’s why they still appeal, as do modern tales that graft that ancient story DNA into their genetic code.
    Oh dear. I was tutoring science the last few weeks and I think it might have warped me a bit in my metaphors…

  3. Hey Sunshine! Love your (at least for me) space!
    And that you’re still writing strong.
    Me has returned. Have a new space too.
    A lot learnt, a lot to be written about.
    Hope to see you around soon. Hugs, S.

  4. oh yeah… I see you flying.. high and strong! Look. It’s a bird. It’s a plane! No, it’s ENREAL!!! 😉

    Hi enreal, it’s been a while… missed your tales and deep thoughts.

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