Distant reality

In some distant reality you are here

next to me


In some distant reality you smile

and we are free


In some distant reality dreams are real

Life is a dream


In some distant reality time bends

Magic never ends


This distant reality

Stares at you

Through a mirror

It reaches for you

Waiting for your hand in adventure

Wanting for you to let go

Will you join me in some distant reality?

4 responses to “Distant reality

  1. divine….. very nice….sheer beauty…..

    Zero or cosmic intelligence or god is special theory ,beyond knowledge, beyond science, beyond creation and destruction……….Zero is our childhood acquaintance as we approach with the innocence of a child ,the state of oneness or now or zero.

    Zero embraces us to make zero and research of that dimension again is enlightenment, the real wealth of life that is happiness, happiness and happiness……………….

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