I can not describe in words what I feel, but I will try. It is a sad victory I win. An engrossing battle that wages against sense. A constant struggle that time and time again stares me in the face and weakly smiles in defeat… and in bittersweet triumph.

What is this I feel? I can not explain, yet once again I try reason, I try faith. I try to understand what is happening…

I watch life as it passes. Living behind who I am and who I should be. Living with who I know and who I could be. Waiting and silently forgetting the voice which has spoken beautiful dreams to my soul. Choosing not to listen to the dreams for the fear of losing is far worse than truly accepting what could be, even if only in a dream.

What a beautiful dream.

So for now I can not describe in words what I feel, so I leave it invisible to my eyes, while ringing vibrations to my soul. My soul knows these invisible dreams, thoughts and fears… and although I can not explain, I have no need to explain…

The only need is to say, I am sorry

10 responses to “Invisible

  1. Waiting and silently forgetting the voice which has spoken beautiful dreams to my soul.

    You can’t ever forget, it is never too late. There is a dream that is still waiting to be lived by you….don’t let it pass. Hunt it down. xxx

  2. Hello Enreal,

    Beautiful thoughts.

    Some parts of us will never know or understand the divine, but it is certain that some parts can know it in part.

    There will always be not knowing and a knowing. When we learn to accept this apparent contradiction it is easier.

    The prize is priceless.

    • Mossy… you see further than most… did I say that already? probably, for every time I read your words I am humbled by their knowledge… one day I will know the divine again, for I had once, and It left… that it perhaps why I am left searching for something invisible

  3. The Third Paragraph is how many Live. This is me too. These are the first steps we will walk to manifest the dream- to become aware…Courage is all yours if you take a step towards it and you will have no need for apology.

    • Mysoul~ in someways the apology is for myself… in someways it is for my soul… in someways it is for all who fight this battle within and through out the world… in someways the apology is to God for being too weak to take it all and use it… in someways it is just for my eyes to read… and try to take in all the information from my spirit… for my spirit cries

      thank you for the courage to get that out

  4. For what are you sorry, dearest Enreal? Let not your heart be troubled…there is a journey; there are many roads that can lead you to your dreams. Even dreams are fluent beings, never constant. All things happen to awaken the love within you.

    Blessings, Angel.

    PLL. C.

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