Portraits of familiar strangers


By Dana Klein


By Dana Klein

by Dana Klein


By Dana Klein

These portraits were done by my favorite artist… my mother… Will be taking a short break… so I leave you with this art… hope you enjoy them, and visit my mothers site for more work

Klein Fine Arts Studio

13 responses to “Portraits of familiar strangers

  1. These are truly beautiful. I especially love the first one. There’s something magical about it – the scenery – the path – the trees. There’s an atmosphere about it that I find difficult to explain..
    I really hope that you will enjoy the break but from a selfish point of view, I will miss your words..

    J~ thank you my friend. you are a blessing

  2. You were blessed with your mother’s creative soul. Beautiful work; so spiritual and mysterious. Thanks for sharing. I must visit your mother’s site. Blessings Enreal. Hope you come back to us. I’ll miss your angelic presence.

    Peace, Light and Love, C.

    ~Cordie~ Thank you Angel~

  3. You paint pictures with your words, while your Mother catches the sound of words in her Pictures….Very beautiful. I like Gabi and Motherhood best….Gabi for its out of the world yet in the world feel and Motherhood, for the feeling of being enveloped with love-the Mother by nature and the child by the Mother….though the colours are cool the feeling is of warmth. I love the contrast.

    ~MySoul~ Glad you enjoyed them. I am partial to Gabi myself 😉

  4. Enreal, I love the one entitled Gabi too. is Gabi you perchance? Although we’ve never met, she seems to have your essense. 🙂

    Blessings, C.

    Cordie… you are indeed a seer… thank you angel

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