Shadow Dawn

We call for truth

Yet ignore reality

As fallacy brings forth

An unmistakable prophecy

We seek words of tomorrow

Yet read stories of sorrow

Watching as mischief winds

The endless hands of time

Together we wait

If only to glimpse a wary fate

Need we heed the days of past

Watch the shadows as are cast

Then as the shadows fall

Our spirits will renew

Then only when the shadows fade

Will our stories begin anew

6 responses to “Shadow Dawn

  1. There seems to be questions of expectation, then of practical reality, then of what could, might, or will be.

    Then there is the union in Promise, a kind of perfection waiting behind our ideas of lack and absent but longed for truth.

    To be in Truths Presence, hard to admit it was there all along. Shadows casting through invisible but real life. Might they linger in space from a time of mistake?

    I like the poem, Enreal . I do find your images present themselves well as illumination on the dark themes background.

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