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Within the calm of the twilight

Beneath the rays of the night

There lies a peaceful meadow 

With flowers and butterflies that shine ever so bright


Within the shadow of your thoughts

Beneath the veil of blindness in your dreams

There lies a path of light

That belongs for only your eyes to meet


Within the chambers of your heart

Beneath the reality of life and all its parts

There lies a place of solace

With answers and knowledge for an eternity 


Within your soul



12 responses to “Within

  1. The knowing remains

    It seems hard at times to notice the deep light when the surface is clouded; clouded by demands, by loss, or forgetfulness. Seems harder again, to know better and yet to fall behind. And so forgiveness is so essential, to forgive my view of the surface with all its equivocation and conditional consciousness.

    For within the soul, as always, the Light beacons. The troubled surface can also show awe and wonder, beauty and peace emitting from the deep light within. It depends on from where I choose to look. No one said life would only be pretty, but I can make my life so as I will it.

    Thanks Enreal

  2. Thanks for the guidance, Angel Enreal. Angels always strive to gently guide us in the right direction, and such is your beautiful words. PLL, C.

  3. I love the visual, EnReal. Like within the poem, the central light draws one within, deep within. Thanks.

  4. Whenever I feel lost and doubt my knowing, I come over to your spot for inspiration an you never fail to remind me that I really do know – it is buried deep within, but it is there. Thanks for the beautiful reminders you so often bring, Angel, Enreal. PLL, C.

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