To question life…search for answers…is this what it means to be intelligent life?
Do we assign the term intelligent to what we have here? If someone were to come and tell you the truth, that what you see is not real, would you believe them? Would you need to see the truth in order to believe?

This is faith. One day long ago there was a time when people only had faith and that was enough. One day long ago people had each other and that was enough. What happened to that day, that time? What happened to society that would lead for the need to question and not believe in the possibilities. Personally ( as you may have known), I am all about the questions…the ones that need no answers. The questions that resinate in the Soul.

Deep down we need no truths…they are deep within…that is why the “unknown” does not paralyze us with fear. Think about what is out there and add in the certainty. 


There are some who live with this certainty… must be freedom.

10 responses to “Intelligence?

  1. I have felt the most free when I was in the moment. I do sometimes think that memory is such a flaw in human beings. If there was no memory of the moment that passed, we would be forced to live each moment fully, me thinks.

    As for intelligence, faith etc…I wonder if there would be those words if we just lived for that moment.

    • MySoul… a very interesting thought… I shall ponder this for the moment… I shall see if they do exist… for this moment… very interesting indeed

  2. It can be troubling to think that words, concepts themselves, break the sense of immersion in space and time, throwing one into a sea of supposition.

    If our clever minds are the noose around our spiritual worlds; that can appear difficult to untie. Prayer and meditation seem able to move us into Now. Love seems completely present to me when known, as does heart felt feeling or immersion into sensory experience.

    Something to the effect has been said that ‘The more I know, the more I am aware of how little I know.’ I know I do have to be aware of how what I think I know can interfere with being present.

    I think humankind is still trying to decipher reality, and not for all the wisest reasons. We have lost a kind of faith to some extent, in who or what we are, and th consequences of our relationships.

    The faith in ourselves that might be missing, may not seem all of ones own doing, but reattaching ourselves to the field, as Rumi might ruminate over a piece of grass severed, is likely ones own job. I can trust that. I can also trust that asking questions may well sow connective tissue to reestablishing awareness of our intrinsic Source.

    Here we reveal we may be smart enough to be ignorant, but not so blind as to be unable to light the pathways home to a full Now.

    • Benafia…I truly like what you have brought here… you speak a great and important truth… “smart enough to be ignorant, yet not so blind as to be unable to see the Now”. Brilliant, I love the concept… thank you Benafia for enriching these words with beautiful philosophies.

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