Readers, writers, artists and angels

Quick, or not so quick side note… I always respond to comments… if someone feels drawn to answer my words… I feel drawn to answer theirs… I must admit, I fell behind. I sat here this morning (now afternoon) and was blown away. I sat here and responded to the beautiful words left here on my pages I felt humbled… 


My readers are so incredible that  their words and thoughts outshine my own… In retrospect all who visit I feel are blessings to me… I feel through and through their words are drawn up for me to listen to and in turn show guidance to all who choose to listen… I am so blessed… I feel honored… I have finished responding to all the wisdom and am saturated with love and light… I feel as if I am on a cloud… I have had this silly smile plastered on my face… blessings to all my brilliant readers and friends here… 


Please take time to read through some of my brilliant readers comments… for now I shall share a few readers with you and send blessings their way…


Karen at morning joy… she has a beautiful spirit… her comments are full of light and peace

Kaosar (Raatkiranii) amazing how even a name can hold power… her words wether here or her pages are simply pure and beautiful…

benafia powerful understanding… words which make you stop and think… I am often amazed at how much one can see. How often I find myself thinking about the words left behind by benafia…

J  He has insight and power in him words… I am blessed to know him 🙂

Cyrus A beautiful soul… his words are always  full of light, love, knowledge… and most of all heart and soul… love the energy!!

Rainer We have read each others work for quite some time… I am always humbled by his presence and thoughts when he enters my world and when I enter his… truly brilliant energy and light… thank you for your comments of light

MySoul Sometimes I feel as if it is my soul when I read her comments… and her beautiful poems and thoughts in her world… thank you My Soul for showing yourself to me

Gypsy What can I say? Kindred… so much love and light it is blinding! Her words resonate on another level… her art work is meant for the eyes of the soul… I am blessed for the wisdom she leaves for me…

JAlan When left behind his words can bring about another era of knowledge… I am blessed… and the art images on his sight are of another world as well… another time and another world… perhaps another space is next

Fibi Pure soul and pure intentions are behind her words… something delicate and full of light

Zenuria her words are heard when most needed and vice versa… we have shared many insights and I am blessed to have her knowledge imprinted on my soul

Neilina A blessing when I receive her knowledge… so pure and vivid… a true blessing… makes me smile 🙂

Cordie Incredible is not the right word… her voice, when heard in reply to mine is like a chorus of angels 😉 singing… thank you Cordie for blessing me with your knowledge

Mental Mist  there is something which radiates from her words… an energy which I am so pleased she blesses me with… blessings to her for her words

Goldenferi hmmm… words spoken from a voice which holds intentions pure… I have read her words and have known her in beautiful spirit for some time now… I am blessed to here her voice

Anjolie Beautiful love and light in her words… a blessing to hear them here and at her pages

~M What can I say… heart and soul in words… a true blessing to know the spirit behind ~M

Spaz When she needs me I am there, and vice versa… we read each others words and they resonate… with each moment and letter I am blessed to receive

Surface Earth A true inspiration… her eyes see more than the mind can read… when she shares her insights here I am more than  blessed, I am enlightened 

Mossy If ever I have a chance to show gratitude and awe it is in the insight spoken here by his words… truly blessed by the speeches of the heart… for the heart may speak here for eternity with an eternal gratitude

Mark I have read his pages for over 2 years… to think of the wisdom his has shared with the world … it is mind blowing… insightful and brilliant… when he speaks his thoughts on my pages I am often shown a new light… a new world

My dearest Sorrow… How could I not… I miss your sweet voice with its profound wisdom… come back!

Wow… amazing… I can not say thank you enough for the insight, knowledge and beautiful energy shared here and across this world… blessings of light and love… and thank you for inspiring me more than you can ever truly understand