A letter to my angel

Sad Angel

Dearest angel, why are you sad? Does it pain you as it pains me… how does the hole which throbs beat with nothing to fill its atriums. How does the case which houses the soul have shadows in corners with no walls for the shadow cast? How can it be that we pass through each other and feel, yet not see the beauty of thy reflection? How?

Dearest Soul, the other part of my being… do not feel as I do this moment. Do not yearn and question that which is not meant to be heard… For to know and not remember is more painful than the void which lay in its place… did you choose this, my soul… did you live this, my angel? did you place us here next to this eternity… did you plan this journey for us to be together and not speak… not touch… What say you to my call. What say you to my query… 

I can feel this moment clearly… when you think and make me hear. I can feel this moment when I wake from my slumber, the trance which makes me know… I can feel this moment as the others I have felt… and yet with this moment is another end… another beginning… another cycle. 

My angel, my soul… one as we may be… as it was intended to be… be with me. Please.

With Love and Light…

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