With a sense of adventure
I begin my endeavor

In my mind I drift
Towards a mission

A journey

An expedition 

Time will be best

Lest it run on our future quest


The dream that soars
Constantly changing
Forever evolving

I slip into subconscious worlds
I drift into my souls abyss
I look out across the minds oceans

I know not where I am
I care not where I am

Here we are free
Free in a subconscious prison
Free to our souls mission

For what truly is freedom

We as Earth and sky
We as Wind and air
We as Ocean and sea
We as Ice and Fire

We play our souls desire
Forever changing landscape
Forever growing in our minds
All to be brought forth in phantasmagoria
All in a fumbled attempt to recreate

Then we slip back to consciousness
We slip back to our waking worlds
We leave our temporary haven
As we wake
As we open our eyes….

We slip away from the grasp of our Soul

Escaping our Prison 

In Utopia


Its Phantasmagoria

11 responses to “Phantasmagoria

  1. This reminds me of that really awesome link you posted a while ago. I meant to come back and comment on it, but life is life .
    I loved the brain scientist talking about watching her own mind split in half between hemispheres, the idea of 2 haves that work so completely differently, and feeling as though she was one with everything, so huge and beyond just this small little frame of self.
    “how could i fit all of this”waving her hands”back into that small space”

    (((Sorrow))) Your energy is fantastic!!!

  2. “For what is truly freedom….”

    Looks like we might be on the same adventure, love 🙂


    (((Grace))) Same adventure, same road… I am blessed by both!!!

  3. I agree with Grace here.

    Phantasmagoria…it reminds me of a game I loved to play, Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer. One of the allies was a dreamwalker.

    Phantasmagoria – the Golden Gate to my conciousness, from where I stand and see it.

    Great work, Enreal! Love, joy and peace to your heart!

    (((Glaize))) Thank you… “The Golden Gate to my consciousness”… I love that!!!

  4. This poem is beautifully woven! It reaches me. Great work!

    (((paul))) Then I reached my goal… if I only reach one person… Thank You

  5. I just love your poetry and insight. It brightens my mood when I have just got home from a bad day at work..which are more and more frequent LOL.

    (((ara))) I know exactly how you feel, I am so blessed by all the souls I have met!!! They indeed carry me sometimes!

  6. Dear enreal,
    the number of comments under your posts make clear your hearty words pierce our hearts not with Phantasmagoria . Wow, thank you for the peace.

    As I turned on my computer, the red warning burned for a long on my screen until I was allowed to look around for to leave my response. I am so happy for that wonderful chance. Thank you, dear enreal ,for your hearty words.

    As we open our eyes…. Wow, the miracles don’t cease at a moment we open our eyes – our spirits continue welcome one other and the dreams don’t end, but burst in the miracles. Thus the prior unknown become the buddies who don’t fear their slowly dying computers. The hearty Hi breaks the silence of the busy town
    Thank you, dear enreal.

    (((Tomas))) All I can say is Thank You… your comment made my day… I truly am sending my light and love… peace

  7. Phantasmagoria – what a wonderful word. In dreams we can become whatever we want to be and change scenes at the blink of an eye- Deja Vu – I feel like I’ve written this before. Beautiful inspiration Enreal – I will use this word for my next photo friday topic. I think it’s week after next – would you care to contribute? BWO of course. (Smile) – Thanks for your kind words my friend. Peace, Light and Love, CordieB.

    (((Cordie))) I would be honored to contribute to your beautiful work… I love this words also… it holds so much! Thanks again my friend… I saw that smile…

  8. Dear enreal, all the best for your quest.

    (((rainer))) i bow before you… the road shall be long… the quest a challenge… for who am I to travel the journey and not welcome the blessing?

  9. Enreal,

    thought this might not be part of your quest at all, and I hope I do not cloud your way with “unimportantness”, but as I was reading Phantasmagoria I realised once again the beauty and depth and brilliance of your words. You truly possess a talent which in my humble opinion, one does not come across often, or at least I haven’t.

    Just had to share my mind.

    I stand in line and lift my cap wishing you the same as your friends, safe yet satisfying journey.

    (((spaz))) I am humbled and silenced by your words… I reflect on the love behind them and am honored… for you need not speak, yet with so few words, you brightened my spirits… I sometimes doubt, yet there are those who reawaken my desires… Thank You for being one of those people… I bow before you… in thanks as an honored friend

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