Conversation with Destiny

…You have arrived, traveled a long and winding road, made your decisions, chosen your path. You are here. You are here. How does it feel, to know I have been waiting?

I have come this far. I have chosen my path. I have made my decisions. Is my journey over, my fate accomplished, am I done?

…Slow down…what is the rush, take it all in. Your journey, your Life. How do you feel?

I feel incomplete. I have lived and decided, now I face a room. A closed door. And I am here with you. I assume you are Destiny.

…That I am

So how should I feel? To know you have been here, in time, anticipating my Life…How should I feel?

…This is a trick. You are being facetious? You are disturbed? Not many search for more…they accept, as you will…

I will do no such thing…You are Destiny! You have always known…Your questions are irrelevant…no answers would suffice…You are Destiny!

…Place your questions aside and listen…I am Destiny…I have fallen deeper than you…I have spoken and I have been…In the end I will be…can you understand? This is not about me…I will always be…Can you understand…this is about You…

What need I understand, what shall I question? I presume to have free will, then I meet Destiny. Shall I be fated to you?

…I speak nothing of Free Will…Free Will is always there…Do you believe all meet destiny? Do you believe all achieve? Fool…How have you come this far…and learned so little? You speak of Free Will as dismissed…Free Will…That Is Your Life…Do not dismiss it…it is a Gift…granted to so many who do not realize its power…You have met me…I am Destiny…Realize you Life…Realize your Destiny…You are fated to no one…

…Now enter your room…and open your door…

17 responses to “Conversation with Destiny

  1. Beautiful piece. It’s always seemed to me that it’s really more about the journey than the destination; or perhaps more precisely, the journey is the destination. Thank you for sharing 😀

  2. Very Profound………and makes one ponder.
    I’ve felt like I was in a closed room for a while……

    Beautifully written.
    Thank You

  3. I agree it is profound. I am fascinated by the interplay between destiny and free will — do they work together toward a desired end or can free will thwart the destiny we come into this world with. If free will does interupt the journey, do we simply find another way toward our “destined” life. I’m so drawn to this topic that my latest novel, Field of Destiny, explores these issues through the life of a woman who dies tragically and is reborn into a life of secrets and lies and with a very certain destiny imprinted upon her soul. Like many, I have no answers to these essential questions, only more questions and a thirst to know. — ps

  4. (((Baekho)))…Your intuition plays a great role here…very perceptive…Thank You for visiting

    (((m6fan)))…I am glad you enjoyed it…It is one of my favorite conversations so far…

    (((Patricia)))we need not answer these questions…it is our purpose to always question

  5. thank you for your kind comments.

    i have really enjoyed reading your pieces and look forward to the new ones as and when they appear.

    thank you also for the link; i have also added you – you are my first!

    i will keep questioning, as always – i hope you do the same.

    all your questions regarding my stories will be answered soon…


  6. (((Raymond)))…Thank You. I am always questioning, and love pondering the uncertainty…

    (((ToBeMe)))…It is our collective wisdom that keeps me going, thank you for your kind words.

  7. New doors and open windows are always open to us. My mind wanders to a line spoken by Maria in the film, The Sound of Music: :When God closes a door, somewhere he opens a window.”

  8. Thanks for sharing. That was really a great conversation; If we change destiny via free will, then is that not our destiny? And the circle is not unbroken, it has no beginning and no end, it goes on and on . . . What comes first the chicken or the egg? And the cycle goes on . . .

    Such profound posts you write! Reading it could really become addictive. Again, thanks for sharing.

    Peace, Light and Love,


    (((Cordie)))… great insights! I love your thought process…

  9. Enreal. Thanks again for sharing. I had read this some time ago – I still love it as much as loved it the first time I read it. It’s so funny that you speak of free will with destiny – I, not realizing it, reposted two posts tonight – for abundance of writer’s block– one on destiny, the other free will. When ever we change our minds, the change becomes our destiny – how intruiging!

    Peace, Light and Love, Cordieb.

  10. Thats funny… serendipitous… or syncronicity… you in fact were the last person to comment on this conversation…

    change becomes destiny… or was it fated before the thought was born


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  13. i am here via cordie,, and she was right … you are deep… and if it is one thing i like it is deep… i am so glad i met you and will be adding you to my reader….

  14. Does free will take us to our destiny? I never thought of destiny so much as this article has made me to think. Thanks so much enreal. Thanks cordie for this link!

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