A picture

It is amazing what a picture can hold.

It has been 7 months and 13 days since I lost my father. It feels like yesterday. I think about him everyday and I pray to God for a sign from him…In the mean while I have my memories and a few photographs.

There is this one picture that I see everyday.

It hangs in my “inspiration room”, a place I decorated with beautiful books, pictures, cards with special sayings and anything that I treasure. This picture, it was taken about three years ago. He is sitting in the passenger seat of my car, he looks content. He is gazing towards me but the camera catches his gaze to the left.

This picture is a mystery, every time I look at it I catch a different expression. Sometimes there is so much happiness behind those eyes, sometimes sadness, sometimes joy and sometimes pain. I ask to myself why couldn’t I have just caught him looking at me? Looking into the camera, so as I to see him looking into my eyes. Just one more look into his.

You stare at something for so long, each time seeing something new. A picture can hold a thousand words, but it holds a thousand expressions as well. I wonder if I reflect myself into the picture or maybe it is the magnitude of a persons reflection. Either way it is still just a picture and I am still waiting for my sign.