Love letter from a dreamer

We live day to day in a mirage. I feel compelled to write. I do not even know you. Maybe from a glance passing you once, or even from my dreams I felt as if a connection was made. I need to close this door in my life. I need to be free from something that never was. Once there was someone who believed in fate… that we somehow can connect without words and without reason, and just be. This sounds so strange, and even to make myself happy, I am writing this to you, a complete stranger. I write this letter if only to let something go and capture some sort of freedom.

Seems like yesterday I heard you in the wind.
Seems like today the wind answered my prayers.

Let it pass.

I am in love with the thought of love.
The concept that there is a power stronger than individuality, but can not contain the truth.

Love songs, letters, movies…imagining a life with love. Soul mates, conceptual happiness.
I am in love with the thought of love.