Tag you’re it…

I normally do not write about myself, but Bill tagged me. These are random thoughts and facts about me.

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1. I was born in Romania during communist times, when I was 6 months old I got tuberculosis from my grandfather along with my sister and mother. I was hospitalized and treated for TB and Meningitis for 18 months. I did not walk or speak until I was 2 years old. My father took me to many doctors in my village before he decided to “borrow” his friends car and rush me to the nearest city. Doctors said it is a miracle I was alive, 2 hours more and…well there would be no “Enreal”. My father used to say there is a reason I am here, we shall see.

2. I truly believe there is more to “Life”. Somewhere deep in my Soul I KNOW. This is what keeps me going. When I look at the sun, when I see the stars and moon at night, I am in amazement. I see the perfection and design in Life, I believe in our individual purpose. I believe in God. I believe in the greatness and wonderment of LIFE.

3. I am young, but feel very old.

4. I recently lost my father and think about him everyday. He was an intelligent man, the kindest man I have ever known. His passion for life and education, music and literature, everything under the sun. He is with God, going to all the garage sales in heaven.

5. I love having philosophical conversations (“perfect conversations” as I call them). Life, Religion, God, Death, Dreams. I feel it almost impossible to find people to communicate with. I feel like people don’t enjoy speaking of the unknown. They are scared to explore and try to figure the metaphysical. I suppose that is why I write about certain topics. I enjoy the stimulation when someone responds.

6. I take on the role of too many people in my family, my friends and my job. I don’t need to elaborate, but I do not take on the role of myself quite enough. I do when I am here.

7. I love nature. My ideal day would to be walking in the woods somewhere, feeling the breeze, smelling the air, having my feel on the ground and my head in the clouds.

8. I have always wanted to ask people about their lives. Random people that cross my path, a stranger who happen to be near at the time of my wondering. Everyone has stories about their lives, families, homes, loved ones. The fact that people are too busy to take notice is no reason the stories should be silenced. One day I will, I will randomly pick people and document their lives, learn the lessons they learned. I feel we need to take peoples lessons and share, we need to make people feel important. We are all important and we are all connected. There is a reason for everything and everyone!

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