Is there balance?

What is love without hate?

Good without evil?

What is life without death?

Heaven without hell?

What is light without darkness?

Happiness without sadness?

What is innocence without lust?

Pride without shame?

What is this life we live? Sometimes it seems surreal.
I think about these things and how perfectly balanced they seem.
Which side is stronger? For all the good there is in the world from emotions to intentions, is it truly balanced? Does one side of the argument take precedent, does one favor over another? Who is the judge?

10 responses to “Is there balance?

  1. Imagine a being, so powerful and so solitary, that it creates undulations within itself in order to provide a sense of purpose and thus, a sense of time. Imagine the universe as the being, all good and bad as the undulations. It’s always balanced and always just. The good makes no sense by itself. It is good only because there is, by virtue of contrast, bad.

  2. My hope is that someday, all will show it’s complete wholeness and purpose. Trying to figure it all out in the meantime can be so…perplexing. Aren’t we Dreaming?

  3. Good questions! Is there a balance, is the universe perfect within itself and we appear to be inperfect beings whom inhabit this universe? We are perfect beings, we just don’t realize it. This is a perfect universe, we simply cannot always see that it is.

  4. Ritwik…Exactly!

    Grace…your hope will be revealed to you in good time.

    ToBeMe…we are blind to see the good sometimes, until then we question life.

    Thank you for your insights.

  5. Love is simply love without hate.

    Everything may contain it’s opposite. But that doesn’t mean you have to experience it!

    I don’t have to die to experience life, nor be burned to know fire burns. I can simply witness each opposite we have created and live in the light of love.

  6. I guess I have always wanted to know the reasons for the latter. As for now this will suffice…I never really thought about it from that angle. You do have a point.
    Thank you

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