Shifting veils

There has been a change. It has been slowly progressing in this strange and numbing time.

It began softly with silence.

An unforeseen change in direction. A content agreement between time and mind. A willingness to surrender to simplicity, rather than befriending mastery.

It has grown to become a veil. 

Mirrored are the truths which exist, yet resemble the dreams they do not. They simply are mirrors, hollow reflections with empty realities. You can see through and understand just enough to know there is something wrong… it is in the air, it vibrates with happiness and love, yet throbs with reality… when will the throb of will and want be silenced ? This hollow cavity which now bears the soft prompting of  truth…

Now all that remains are reminders.

The gentle whispers on the conscious wind speaking softly to the heart, asking carefully for the spirit which now slumbers to awaken once more.

The dancing light radiating down, reflecting energy to the minds all around, playing tricks of colors through the waters and the ground, visible now only to the eye which has been resting for this time.

The constant presence which protects and shadows… always there. Waiting for the heart to feel, the eye to see, the mind to open… the spirit to be free

Soft reminders, barely heard, only just seen, hardly felt… that is all which remains… Yet they are, even if only just…

This silent veil, it is known… yet barely understood… why then is it accepted?

10 responses to “Shifting veils

  1. I feel this and understand it…I think…I am trying to find that will and want…not to let another veil cover my spirit…but so tired…so ready to just give in to simplicity.

    • TinCup… they say never to give up or give in… I wonder if it is not compromise… I must say I gave up a long time ago… it was not for the best reasons… I will not say I am proud or that I gave up on dreams, simply that I understand the truths and realized reality… now I simply am and whether or not for the best I am content for the time being…

      giving in or giving up sounds worse than it is… and you do understand this on many levels, through many shifting veils of truths

  2. sometimes keeping it simple moves us forward….and forward is always the way to head….the veil is always there….the shadow….but sometimes…we just dont have time for it….time for white lacy flowy veils instead right now….smiles

    • this made me smile… its a very interesting point and a very simple and powerful reasoning… “we just don’t have time for it”

      as simple as reality… and sometimes the most simple answer is the right one… no theories or reasons…

      thank you for making me think
      these poems evolve with comments such as this and TinCups 🙂

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