Dreams of Love

Dream/ 1: a series of thoughts, images or emotions occurring during sleep 2: a dreamlike vision 3: something noted for its beauty, excellence, or enjoyable quality 4: ideal
Dream/ 1: to have a dream of 2: to indulge in daydreams or fantasies 3: imagine

During night or day, during sleep or relaxation, we drift… sometimes we see another world where our lives are different…sometimes we see our lives perfect…or simply we dream. We dream of ideal circumstances… believing in all, and all believing in us as if everything we believe doesn’t exist at all.
They say we need our dreams, that short time when we slip into unconsciousness, we need that time to take hold of our emotions and funnel them into the belief that there is something else that exists.

The truth of the matter is we dream, we visualize and conceptualize life, circumstances upon circumstances which in most cases makes little to no sense at all. Yet, we are told to, “read into our dreams”, “interpret and analyze” the hell out of them, until we see an elephant as an admission of guilt for hating our mothers, or something as ridiculous as that. Dreams are an escape, or a gateway to that life which we seek. Dreams enable us to be that hero we naturally are not, to fly which naturally we can not do, or to be as we would never be. I live for my dreams; they are my gateway to heaven.

I dreamed a dream so full of passion…unconventional passion for life, and love… it made me want to die for I fear shall never feel that ever again… or worse, forget the reality of it…

Passion/ 2: strong feeling; also Pl: the emotions are distinguished from reason 3: RAGE, ANGER 4: LOVE; also; an object of affection or enthusiasm 5: sexual desire- passionate.

What other word could hold such a large variety of meaning? One definition would capture the huge scope of human plight and want all at once. Passion is what we seek for fulfillment in life, whether it is passion for what we do and create or passion for what we are and who we love.

This dream is simple, to feel passion for love, passion for life. To want to know of love as in the stories. To want to be the damsel in distress saved by some prince charming, simply because we all need love. We all need to feel. We are given such a short time, before the sun sets on our horizon we need to reach for more, forget about loss and capture what there is to gain. There is always love. To believe in love…


Love 1: strong affection 2: warm attachment 3: an attraction based on sexual desire 4: a beloved person
Love 1: CHERISH 2: to feel passion, devotion, or tenderness for 3: CARESS 4: to take pleasure in

The types of love we seek daily, love from…parents, spouses, lovers, colleagues, friends, co-workers, and even strangers.

We seek love everyday, we need to be felt for the way we feel for others. Even the most cold hearted will feel love for something, crudely put, an example being money if nothing else.

Sometimes you need to see the truth in order to move forward. This is simple. I believed that there was no love out there, only what you read about or saw in the movies. In the past it seemed that there was a possibility for love, chivalry and romance. In today’s society there is only desire for sex and emptiness in romance. If love songs and movies are for the dreamers and do not exist out of the scope of these fictional things, then answer why we listen, or why we watch, or why everyday we hope?

This arose from a dream… A dream of love lost… a dream of love found… a dream of no love at all… but alas it was just a dream… and like all dreams, you eventually wake…

Let us venture into dreams once again… it is safe… if only for another infinite journey through love lost

6 responses to “Dreams of Love

  1. So much more elegant than the thoughts that woke me last night Enreal.

    Yours (instead) offer a VERY welcome (and much sought after) shift in perspective.

    I hope I can hold my head at the proper angle soon…

    (when I can – I will know where to look for the arrow pointing towards my heart. May Cupid shoot straight.)

    Be well,

  2. There are a thousand threads here. I continue to breath into each one as they weave through desert dreams.. You wrote: “This arose from a dream… A dream of love lost… a dream of love found… a dream of no love at all… but alas it was just a dream… and like all dreams, you eventually wake…” I so love your writing, love your willingness to be open and yes vulnerable to this journey we find ourselves on.

    Perhaps in our seeking love, we are actually seeking ourselves. Perhaps my being born in this human form was to awaken myself
    Over there playing the part of you. I join with you and together we realize together as one being, truth eternal.

    We are that love which we seek. What we perceive is nothing less than an illusion. Each of us sees something different. Not right or wrong, not black or white as much as the mind would like it to be that way. Existence is pure love totally in love with itself. We breathe..

    So much beauty… we are waves and stillness,
    ungraspable, all-inclusive
    and closer than our own skin

  3. Wow! did I tell you, I love your voice(writing one, havent heard you yet)? I feel protective of your candidness.

    You have covered pretty much the things I think about but dont put to words, at least not as eloquently as you have done. Dreams…like you, is my gateway to heaven. Its the place I have everything I could ever want and funnily I dont need to Work for it or have Money for it, just fall into sleep. Dreams are my place of savouring the moments, no logic, no analysis, no breaking down the psyche, just be all there to enjoy it. Passion…the reality of it is so different from the ones in my dreams, yet I dont think I could do without it. And Love, thats the secret ingredient that makes every dish in life, delicious. I feel, we never lose love, but get the kind we want/need in a given moment. They are a part of us. Our lost loves are the ones who show us the way to the present love…a kind of evolution, if you like, of that emotion.

    • My dear friend. I love how you get me and how I get you. I have been listening to your voice for some years now and can say that we sing the same song, with different words, yet the same melody.

      Thank you for your beautiful voice

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