you will remember

One day you will see,

and understand

It was always the plan.

Before you saw

Before you heard

Before you even understood

You knew the voice

You knew the burden

You accepted the choice

You expected the voice

Yet you forgot

When you were born.


It was always the plan,

you said you world learn

Have you?

One day you will see,

more than understand

You will remember



It is coming,

I feel it

Let it come,

I care not

I’ll let it

take me away

I’ll go

I’m ready


As I wait

the mysteries contemplate

Light is revealed

With it’s final breath

They must know

That I fought


Until today

When I knew


I am ready

to go

I am tired

I know

The voices

they will say

I failed

Let them think it

I care not

I’m free